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The Bajaj logo is progressive, sustainable, and stylish. The emblem indicates constant growth and development. Traveling more than one road improved the brand’s transport system.

Bajaj: Brand overview

Bajaj Auto is a major Indian vehicle manufacturer with three factories employing over 10,000 people. The Bajaj logo covers motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters sold in 70 countries.

The company is part of a large Mumbai family corporation, Bajaj Group (1926), comprising 37 companies. Indian billionaire Jamnalal Bajaj founded it in 1945. Starting with selling foreign vehicles, it gradually switched to its production. To date, more than 40 million products have been sold.

Meaning and History

Bajaj Logo History

The Bajaj Auto logo conveys the company’s commitment to creating fast and sustainable modes of transport. It was designed by the famous Indian design bureau Elephant Design. It consists of a symbol and brand name.

What is Bajaj?

The world’s fourth largest Indian giant in the production of two and three-wheeled vehicles. Director and owner of the enterprise Rahul Bajaj (grandson of the founder of the group). The headquarters is located in Pune.

1979 – 2004

Bajaj Auto Logo 1979

From 1979 to 2004, Bajaj integrated deep Indian symbolism into its logo to reflect the brand’s philosophy and highlight the unique characteristics of its vehicles. The main design element became the hexagon, which traditionally symbolizes the six chakras in the human body in India. These chakras are considered energy centers controlling various aspects of life, and their harmony is seen as key to physical and emotional well-being.

In the context of the Bajaj logo, the hexagon is both a decoration and a metaphor for the balance and harmony the manufacturer strives to achieve in each car. This is particularly significant since Bajaj vehicles have just two or three wheels, yet they provide remarkable stability and balance, making them ideal for daily use in dense urban traffic.

The logo’s hexagon is divided into two halves—white and blue—symbolizing the company’s main focus areas. This division emphasizes Bajaj’s commitment to dualism in approaches: a combination of technological innovation and traditional values.

The central element of the logo, the large letter “B,” is designed so that its contours resemble the pose of hands folded for prayer and turned inward. This is not merely a design choice but a profound symbol of balance, tranquility, and attention to detail, reminding us that every Bajaj vehicle is developed with special care for the comfort and convenience of the user.

2004 – today

Bajaj Auto Logo

The symbol resembles the halves of a bumper, which are folded like a bird. It rushes forward parallel to the ground, depicting a moving car. The figure makes it clear that:

  • Brand products fly like birds. Motorcycles and auto rickshaws are quickly delivered to their destination.
  • Airflow blows over the driver. The company creates open modes of transport, and riders can enjoy the flow.
  • The company takes care of the environment. Using a bird as a sign draws an analogy between transport and wildlife, showing that the products organically fit into the surrounding space. Since 2022, the corporation has begun producing electric vehicles.
  • The giant is constantly striving forward. Develop new prestigious models.

The bird is a stylized letter B – the first in the brand name. The manufacturer’s name is taken from the name of the founder, a Mahatma Gandhi associate. Jamnalal Bajaj grew up in a foster home and belonged to the business-savvy Agrawal community. His roots and connections allowed him to start his own business. The letter B with the right part open tells that Jamnalal rose independently, using what the world gave him.

Font and Colors

The logo’s color is blue, which is also the color of many autorickshaws. It refers to the blue spinning wheel of the Indian flag. In the country, it is believed that the real color of the sun is blue. Therefore, the shade represents the rise to heaven. In the country, the company ranks 10th in terms of scale.

Blue is associated with wisdom. The experience and knowledge of Bajaj employees allow us to create modern and high-quality models. European manufacturers approach the company for joint work. The corporation helps English Triumph and owns KTM Racing and HUSQVARNA.

The font is slightly modified to Corporate Normal. All letters are incomplete and have open areas on the left, indicating a willingness to absorb new knowledge and develop.