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Baojun: Brand overview

The Baojun brand, known for its affordability, was born in 2010 through a partnership between General Motors and China’s SAIC Motor Company, forming the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture. The brand began its journey with the launch of the Baojun 630 sedan in 2011, focusing on creating basic and fuel-efficient vehicles primarily designed for small towns in China.

The brand’s portfolio soon expanded to include hatchbacks, vans, and MPVs, catering to the growing demand for affordable cars in the Chinese market. A major highlight of 2018 was Baojun’s introduction of its first electric vehicles, the E100 and E200, backed by General Motors.

The combination of General Motors’ manufacturing prowess and SAIC’s local expertise in the Chinese market has contributed to Baojun’s rapid growth over the past decade. As of 2020, more than 5 million Baojun vehicles have found their owners, making the brand one of the best-selling in China.

By serving small and emerging vehicle segments outside of major cities, Baojun has allowed General Motors and SAIC to gain a strong foothold in these markets. As the Chinese market continues to expand, Baojun’s lineup of fuel-efficient vehicles is seen as a stepping stone for Chinese consumers looking to purchase their first car.

Meaning and History

Baojun Logo History

2010 – 2019

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2019 – today

Baojun Logo

This company’s logo has a sense of mystery evident in both the text and the symbol. Although the futuristic symbol looks like a diamond, it is actually the head of a horse. This head is hidden in two unconventional shapes – two three-dimensional trapezoids. The larger of the two trapezoids has a spike pointing upward. The maker’s name is written in capital letters. The letters are not only devoid of serifs but also of some essential details, making them appear unfinished, except for the letter “O,” which has a perfectly round shape. The stylized image of a horse is painted in silver.

The rhomboidal shape hiding the horse’s head is like a puzzle waiting for you to solve it. These three-dimensional trapezoids are so unlike the usual shapes from geometry class. The letters of the name are like an unfinished drawing, sparking curiosity and a desire to learn more. The letter “O” is round like a full moon and stands out among the other incomplete letters. The silver color of the horse gives it a chic look, like a piece of jewelry or something shiny.