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The Bassnectar logo is inspiring, pulsating, and alive. It vibrates in tune with the waves of life. The emblem conveys the musician’s connection to the cosmos and the song of the universe’s beauty, which resonated in his works.

Bassnectar: Brand overview

Founder:Lorin Gabriel Ashton
Los Gatos, California, United States

Bassnectar is an American DJ and bass guitarist who creates music in the bass-heavy electronic style. He ended his career in 2020. The Bassnectar logo can be seen on 12 studio albums.

Meaning and History

Bassnectar Logo History

The real name of the performer and showman is Lorin Ashton. Since his teenage years, he created electronic compositions using Opcode equipment. His music career began at 16 with a metal band, where Ashton played bass guitar. He then continued performing at clubs and parties. His first album was released in 2001.

Lorin’s friend came up with the DJ’s visual symbol and stage pseudonym, reflecting the essence of his musical style and the guitarist’s path of development.

What is Bassnectar?

Bassnectar is the musical pseudonym under which electronic music DJ Lorin Ashton performed and released solo albums from 2001 to 2020. Each year, about 250,000 concert tickets are sold.

Bassnectar Symbol

The word Bassnectar consists of the combination of two concepts: Bass and nectar.

  • Ashton considered himself a performer of bass-heavy music. A genre dominated by heavy notes and sounds. His love for such chords emerged after performing with the band Existence, which played death metal with undertones of suffering, death, and torment. After starting his solo career as an electronic music creator and DJ, Lorin maintained his commitment to the heavy style. In his early years, the musician played bass guitar, which also influenced his choice of pseudonym.
  • The word nectar is meant to convey the DJ’s special love for his craft. His ability to create music that is like nectar for the listeners’ ears. Many fans admit that the musician’s compositions are captivating. They combine a meditative style with interwoven, danceable, and dynamic notes.

Ashton’s logo resembles an electronic blooming flower. Starting from the core, the musical vibrations rise upward, opening the petals towards the sun. The side stripes resemble sound waves that spread during electronic sound.

The DJ calls the symbol Bassdrop, which translates as “bass drop.” The creativity of one individual, like a drop, blends with the overall chords. The musician interprets the logo as openness to the universe – an unusual yin and yang symbol with one open end. The flower petals are like palms raised to the sky. Through them, the sounds born in the heart are released into space, and inspiration and energy descend, giving strength to create.

Font and Colors

Bassnectar Emblem

The Bassnectar logo does not contain a font and reveals itself to the sounds of music, telling the story of its owner’s creativity and spirituality.

The main color of the image is black. It symbolizes the foundation, the main content, and what the musician lives by. The black pattern on a white background depicts the dance of male and female energies, evil and good, human and divine. And all these energies intertwine and flow into the world through strings.

Bassnectar plays “life” with its black and white stripes.

Bassnectar color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C