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Bastille: Brand overview

The band BΔSTILLE was born on London’s vibrant music scene in 2010 and has since captivated global audiences with their unique pop-rock sound. The band’s name, inspired by the French national holiday “Bastille Day” celebrated on July 14, is in itself a testament to its international appeal. The internationally acclaimed single “Pompeii,” released in 2013, served as a springboard for the band’s international recognition.

The BΔSTILLE band was started by versatile singer-songwriter Dan Smith. Joining forces with drummer Chris “Woody” Wood, bassist Will Farquharson, and keyboardist Kyle Simmons, the band began blending elements of electronica and indie rock to create their distinctive sonic identity, which eventually resonated with listeners around the world.

The band BΔSTILLE first made a name for themselves in the music industry in 2012 with their debut single, “Overjoyed.” The song’s infectious melody and touching lyrics quickly caught the attention of their fans. Significant success at radio in the UK led to their first major recording contract. In 2013, the release of the single “Pompeii” propelled the band onto the world stage. This was soon followed by their debut album ‘Bad Blood,’ which rose to the top of the UK charts and cemented their position in the music world.

The band continued to conquer new heights, releasing their long-awaited second album “Wild World” in 2016. The album was an instant hit, with its lead single “Good Grief” topping the UK charts and captivating listeners around the world. In addition to chart-topping hits, BΔSTILLE became famous for their dynamic live performances that enthralled global audiences at music festivals.

2019 saw the release of their third album, Doom Days, in which BΔSTILLE addressed themes of escapism and apocalypse. The album quickly received critical acclaim and yielded hit singles “Joy” and “Doom Days,” further cementing BΔSTILLE’s status as one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the decade.

With their combination of electronic and rock influences, BΔSTILLE has gained countless devoted fans around the world. Over the past decade, they have become one of the UK’s most successful indie bands, consistently captivating audiences with their live performances and fresh music. Their amazing road to success shows no signs of slowing down, suggesting a promising future.

Meaning and History

Bastille Logo History

What is Bastille?

British pop-rock band Bastille formed in 2010 and quickly gained popularity in the music industry. With their unique sound and captivating storytelling, they have left an indelible mark in the hearts of their fans around the world.

The band, created by singer-songwriter Dan Smith, was originally a solo project, but then Chris Wood, Will Farquharson, and Kyle Simmons joined. Together, they began creating music that seamlessly blended elements of rock, pop, and electronica. Their debut album ‘Bad Blood,’ released in 2013, topped the UK album chart, proving that the band had successfully established their place in a crowded music scene.

2010 – 2021

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2021 – today

Bastille Logo

The logo of the music band Bastille combines British formality with the creativity of indie pop. The band’s name is stylized as “BΔSTILLE.” The delta that replaces the letter “A” looks different on different album covers. In this case, it is represented as a black three-pointed star, which conveys the visual rhythm of the Doom Days songs. The rest of the glyphs are in the original sans-serif font. It roughly resembles Futura Medium or Century Gothic Bold if you round the corners.

The delta symbol, or gimmicky-looking triangle, is like a wild card. It keeps changing and keeps you guessing, like a surprise in the middle of a song. The fonts look sleek and modern, letting you know that this is not grandfather music but something fresh and new.

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