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The company’s desire to create as much cozy and beautiful housing as possible is conveyed in the Bauhaus logo. There are countless goods for repair and construction in stores. But in, the elements of the emblem the same order as on the shelves.

Bauhaus: Brand overview

Founder:Heinz-Georg Baus
Belp, Switzerland
Bauhaus is a European network of goods for construction and interior. It has 250 outlets in 18 European countries. These are large self-service stores with 15 specialized departments each, which sell up to 160 thousand different products for repair and home and garden improvement. The turnover of the stores is 6 billion euros.

Meaning and History

Bauhaus Logo History

The company’s founder is a German billionaire with the last name Baus. Therefore, he associated the business’s name with the famous German design style and his last name. The word Bauhaus has a translation – building a house (Bau and haus). Therefore, it accurately enough reflects the essence of the company.

Hanz Baus was born the year after the famous Bauhaus school closed, and at the age of 26 (1960), he opened his first store in Mannheim, which offered about 25 thousand items. It was the starting point for an active expansion (he opened about one store per year for ten years, then two or more). By 1990 Baus already had 100 stores in different countries. The billionaire turned the business over to his only son Bernadre.

What is Bauhaus?

A large network of stores with products for construction and repair is widespread in Europe. It appeared in 1960 and today has 250 stores with a turnover of 6 thousand euros.

The company logo was developed only 18 years after the firm’s creation. And from the moment of its appearance has not changed. And since the Bauhaus style trend returns to the world in cycles, the logo remains “forever” young.

Bauhaus Symbol

In developing the logo, we started from the name of the company. Therefore, the logo is made in the Bauhaus style, with its inherent geometric shapes, smooth lines, and minimalism. The logo reflects the basic principles of style.

  1. Function dictates the form. Each letter of the name is inscribed in its red rectangle. They look like the cubes from which the word is composed. And so the interior design is assembled from the various components, “cubes.” Because the company works for the arrangement of the house, the design used a visual sign of home – on the left side of the three schematic images of houses in the form of flat white pentagons. The division of the word into sections reflects the division of retail space in the stores into specialized departments. At the same time, the company builds all the retail spaces on its own by buying or leasing the land.
  2. Minimalism. The emblem consists only of letters and silhouettes of houses, without drawing details.
  3. Composition of geometric shapes and letters, simplicity. All of the parts of the logo are geometric shapes. The name is written in sans serif font and upper case, without emphasizing the first letter of the name.
  4. The use of bright primary colors. The entire logo is a combination of red and white.

The houses are of different sizes and create a perspective of movement from the background to the foreground. They are supporting the idea of development and improvement and maintaining style through the years. The thick red outlines – evoke a sense of protection and coziness. Going into the store, you can choose everything you need from a to z. And the white background inside is associated with a lack of furnishings, creating an interior from scratch.

Slim geometric shapes, the same distance between the cubes and houses, the same width and height of white letters, everything forms a sense of harmony.

Each detail casts a dark, short shadow, which lifts the logo above the surface, making it three-dimensional. It underlines the multifaceted approach and flight of fancy that Bauhaus stores provide.

Font and Colors

Bauhaus Emblem

The logo uses a stylish combination of white and red. This is a bright and juicy tandem, which immediately raises the mood and adjusts to active actions.

  • Red is ideal for people who transform their space and visit Bauhaus stores. It is the color of repair, action, and movement. In the Reich, closing the Bauhaus school called their ideas communist, which may also have played a role in the choice of red.
  • White is a symbol of renewal. An opportunity to start with a clean slate and create the home of your dreams. White is associated with whitewashing, putty, improvement, newness, durability, and reliability of new things. It perfectly reflects the idea of interior renovation. In addition, the company chooses to sell products produced without any harm to the environment. Therefore white is a symbol of ecological purity.

The font is similar to Incompleeta Regular Reveal.

Bauhaus color codes

Pigment RedHex color:#ed1b24
RGB:237 27 36
CMYK:0 89 85 7
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C