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BAX Global: Brand overview

BAX Global, an American cargo airline and logistics company, operated from 1971 to 2011. The company was headquartered in Irvine, California, from where it operated air courier services worldwide.

BAX Global served corporate clients worldwide using a fleet of Boeing 727, Douglas DC-8, Boeing 747, and Boeing 757 freighter aircraft. Their services were primarily the transportation of urgent documents, parcels, and cargo. To efficiently manage these operations, BAX Global established hubs in various locations around the world, including airports in Los Angeles, New York, San Juan, and London Heathrow.

The company, originally established under the name Burlington Air Express, underwent a rebranding process and became BAX Global. In 2006, BAX was absorbed by Schenker AG and incorporated into Deutsche Bahn’s logistics division.

In its heyday, BAX Global employed more than 9,000 people and had operations in more than 90 countries. The company carved out a niche for itself in the industry by pioneering fast air courier delivery around the world long before competition in this area intensified.

However, in 2011, as part of Deutsche Bahn’s strategic restructuring, BAX Global’s air transport operations were discontinued. Despite the discontinuation of air transportation, the BAX Global brand remains active in other logistics sectors.

Meaning and History

BAX Global Logo History

1971 – 1982

Burlington Northern Airfreigh, Inc. Logo 1971

1982 – 1997

Burlington Air Express Logo 1982

1997 – 2011

BAX Global Logo

The abbreviation “BAX” takes up the majority of the logo and stands out in a vibrant green color. Each letter has its own unique characteristics. For example, the letters “A” and “X” are connected at the bottom, while the letter “B” is made up of separate segments with diagonal stripes in the upper left corner. The second tier features the word “GLOBAL,” indicating the company’s international presence. Obviously, the designers did not want to emphasize this aspect, so they made it pale gray and wrote it in a smaller but capital font.

The bright green color of the letter “BAX” is meant to attract attention and symbolize growth or environmental friendliness. The unique design elements in each letter add complexity and uniqueness to the corporate identity. The understated presentation of the word “GLOBAL” suggests that while an international presence is part of the company’s corporate identity, the focus is on the main acronym.