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Although the BBB logo is monotonous, it is dynamic. Hidden energy is evident in some elements associated with the desire to move forward, develop, and overcome difficulties for the long-awaited goal. The emblem also reflects hope for improvement and belief in a brighter future.

BBB: Brand overview

Arlington, Virginia U.S.
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) International Association is one of today’s most successful. The company was created as a guarantor of trust rating for non-governmental organizations of self-regulated industries, association members. In the course of its activity, the development of a unique, subsequently patented formula was carried out, with the help of which the real rating of confidence in this or that company, organization, or enterprise on several parameters is determined rather precisely. Today the association consists of 112 independent organizations united under the common umbrella of IABBB, located in different cities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The association coordinates its activities from its headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The main principles of the organization are total objectivity in evaluations, refraining from demonstrating one’s attitude towards a particular company or business, and total non-recommendation.

Meaning and History

BBB Logo History

The history of success of the now renowned Better Business Bureau (BBB) International, not only in the U.S. and Canada, began 109 years ago. The creation of this type of organization was widespread at that time in medicine, widespread offer all sorts of powders, ointments, and liquids under the guise of drugs, which they were not. For the most part, these were harmless mixtures that did not create any threat to human health. But patients did not receive appropriate and necessary treatment, which often became the cause of death.

In the process of formation and development, the Better Business Bureau spent a lot of time and finances on the question connected with informing potential members about their goals and tasks, changes taking place. It also concerned the formation of brand marks, a corporate style to what the company concerned with special care. The renewal was carried out only once since 1965. And there were no fundamental changes. Almost the entire basic concept of the old emblem was preserved. The conservative approach to its history from the management of such decisions led only to minor adjustments to bring it closer to the modern requirements of the design.

Better Business Bureau Symbol

It is believed that since its inception – 109 years ago – the association has risen and earned undeniable international credibility, which does not require the use of modern technology in matters of self-promotion and “adjusting” to the various desires of the vast mass of consumers of promotional products. One of the factors that provide confidence in the correctness of such decisions is the peculiarity of the association, which is aimed at a narrow and specialized circle of consumption of its product. Reliability, absence of complaints, and high performance are the criteria that ensure the self-sufficiency of the marketing conducted at the moment.

1965 – 2007

Better Business Bureau Logo 1965

In 1965, a logo was applied, designed based on the requirements of the association’s management, its vision of its relevance, and current goals. A burning torch in stylized design was adopted as the main logo, as a symbol of “bearing light,” building confidence in the twilight of modern business. Underneath it was an abbreviation of the name made up of three large letters, “B,” under which was the base of the torch itself. However, this design was not unique. The symbol of the torch is constantly found on the emblems of various educational institutions, educational and sports organizations. It did not make the association’s logo stand out and attractive. It had to do with the font’s design – usual, not accentuating the peculiarities of the owner.

2007 – today

Better Business Bureau Logo

The year 2007 was a year of changes. The 21st century made its corrections in many trends, including in the views on our image of Better Business Bureau. The decision to work on self-promotion led to creating a logotype that was more suitable to the time, high speed, and catastrophic lack of time for each person on the planet. The dynamism and minimalism promoted this that the designers could convey in every element of the logo while keeping it true to tradition.

Practical considerations also dictated such a minimalistic solution in forming the company’s logo. Allowing its logo to be used in the emblems of the association members, we had to think about the problems of space in the logos. Minimization ensured the convenience of joint placement of the BBB accredited members’ mark and the association mark on the emblem, preserving the readability of the entire composition.

Font and Colors

BBB Emblem

The symbols were made in blue on a white field, making it more noble. The flame of the torch was divided into two elements, which effectively convey the upward movement by their shape. And their ends form the direction of the glance from left to right, which corresponds to the conventional designation of everything positive. This is the attitude that should be formed in all who turn to the association for the opportunity to strengthen the business confidence in themselves and others in various directions. By removing the burner handle, the designers reduced the graphic burden. By moving the acronym letters below the torch and making them protrude beyond its edges, the impression was created of a solid foundation. This unshakable foundation guarantees reliability and sustainability. A modern typeface and a clearer image ensured better readability of the text.

BBB color codes

Sea BlueHex color:#005d87
RGB:0 93 135
CMYK:100 31 0 47
Pantone:PMS 7469 C