BBK Logo

BBK Logo

BBK is a Chinese corporation, whose full name sounds like BBK Electronics LTD. It appeared in 1995. It became popular in 1997 with the opening of a division for the production of AV components. Its portfolio now includes DVDs, mobile devices, audio equipment, LCD TVs, landline telephones, microwave ovens, and more.

Meaning and History

BBK Logo History
Evolution of the BBK Logo

The name of the BBK group of companies is written on the logo. Three letters are an abbreviation for a Chinese phrase that can be translated as “higher and higher step by step” or “gradually grow.” The abbreviation on the emblem is original and looks more like a graphic sign.

Defining the font is difficult because the BBs are drawn rather than written. Moreover, each “B” consists of three segments: a vertical rectangle, slightly inclined to the right, and two semi-ovals adjacent to it. Only the “K” looks like a classic printable character – bold, italic, and sans serif.

Along with the main logo, another one is used. It differs in that the abbreviation “bbk” is written in lowercase letters. But the tilt to the right remains, as does the chopped font.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

BBK Emblem

As for the color palette, in both cases, the base is a rich shade of blue. On some versions of the emblem, it fades into light blue. But the gradient is rare – most often, the graphic sign is monochrome. There are also black and white options with dark lettering and white background.