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The Beaumont logo, associated with a car model manufactured by General Motors, embodies minimalistic design principles. It features an element resembling a blade pointing downwards. At the top, on a lattice-like surface, two maple leaves are presented – a significant national symbol of Canada, the country where this range of cars was produced. The emblem is three-dimensional, with a trim strip around the entire perimeter. The brand color is a variety of silver shades, complemented by a touch of burgundy red.

This logo’s minimalistic design indicates a clear, straightforward approach, often associated with reliability and trustworthiness. The sharp, downward-pointing blade-like element conveys a sense of forward momentum and determination, a metaphor for the brand’s progressive design ethos and pursuit of innovative automotive solutions.

The two maple leaves immediately connect to the emblem’s Canadian origins. These elements, placed on a lattice-like surface, evoke a sense of resilience and unity – values deeply ingrained in the Canadian national spirit. This instills a sense of pride in the nation where these vehicles are produced and resonate with the brand’s commitment to local craftsmanship and design sensibility.

The three-dimensional aspect of the logo creates a tangible and dynamic visual effect. It symbolizes the brand’s multidimensional approach to car manufacturing, involving complex engineering, innovative design, and meticulous quality control. This aspect is further emphasized by the trim strip around the entire perimeter, which adds depth and complexity to the logo.

The choice of color palette speaks to the brand’s sophistication and class. The silver hues, synonymous with elegance and modernity, emphasize the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality, stylish, and cutting-edge vehicles. The touch of burgundy red injects a sense of passion and vibrancy, indicating the brand’s zest for innovation and its drive to push the boundaries in the automotive industry.

Beaumont logo paints a picture of a brand that values its origins, strives for innovation and quality, and acknowledges its ties to the local community and culture. It is a logo that tells a tale of progress and pride, set against a country celebrated for its unity and resilience.

Beaumont: Brand overview

Founded: 1960 – 1969
Founder: General Motors
Beaumont was a car brand designed by General Motors Canada from 1964 to 1969 for the Canadian market. The basis for the Beaumont models was the Chevrolet Chevelle platform. However, GM Canada ensured that the brand retained a unique identity for the Canadian demographic rather than merely serving as a rebadged Chevelle.

The inaugural Beaumont models debuted in 1964 and offered buyers a 2-door coupe, a 4-door sedan, and a station wagon. Chevrolet engines provided these vehicles’ motive power, including the 230 cubic-inch straight-6 and the 283 and 327 cubic-inch V8s.

Despite GM Canada’s efforts to carve out a distinct niche for Beaumont in the mid-sized car market, the brand’s sales performance throughout the 1960s remained rather subdued, particularly when contrasted with the widespread popularity of the Chevelle. In 1969, having rolled out just over 40,000 units during its six-year tenure, the Beaumont brand was discontinued by GM.

Ultimately, while Beaumont was GM Canada’s attempt at establishing a car brand that resonated with Canadian consumers, it did not gain the widespread acceptance the company had hoped for.

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