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Beaumont: Brand overview

Beaumont is an automobile brand developed by General Motors Canada between 1964 and 1969 for the Canadian market. Beaumont models were based on the Chevrolet Chevelle platform. However, GM Canada made sure that the brand retained a unique identity for the Canadian audience rather than simply being a rebadged Chevelle.

The first Beaumont models debuted in 1964 and offered buyers a 2-door coupe, a 4-door sedan, and a station wagon. Chevrolet engines, including a 230 cubic-inch straight-six engine and 283- and 327-cubic-inch V8s, powered these cars.

Despite GM Canada’s efforts to create a distinct niche for Beaumont in the midsize car market, sales of the brand remained fairly low throughout the 1960s, especially against the backdrop of the Chevelle’s widespread popularity. In 1969, after producing just over 40,000 units during its six-year existence, the Beaumont was discontinued by GM.

Ultimately, although Beaumont was GM Canada’s attempt to create an automobile brand that would resonate with Canadian consumers, it did not receive the widespread acceptance the company had hoped for.

Meaning and History

Beaumont Logo History

1966 – 1969

Beaumont Logo

The Beaumont car model produced by General Motors featured a minimalistic logo. It included a blade-like element with the tip pointing downward. At the top, on a lattice surface, there were two maple leaves – the main national symbol of Canada, where this line of cars was produced. The emblem was three-dimensional and had an outlining stripe around the perimeter. The corporate color was silver of various shades, supplemented with burgundy-red.

The maple leaves immediately bring thoughts of Canada to mind as if you were smelling maple syrup on pancakes. The blades look quite extreme and give the car an elegant look. The 3D effect makes the logo look like you want to touch it. The silver-burgundy-red combination looks stylish but not too flashy.