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Becherovka Logo

Becherovka Logo
Becherovka Logo PNG

This is a unique drink with a peculiar taste. The herbal liqueur is popular for its therapeutic properties. For a healing drink, special small glasses are used.

It contains 20 herbs and spices. Nobody divulges the recipe. Only two representatives of the company know her. Every week they prepare miraculous mixtures, with further technology for making drinks.

Meaning and History

Becherovka Symbol

The logo belongs to a Czech company. The creator of herbal liqueur in 1807 is a German pharmacist I.V. Becher from Karlovy Vary. In 1848, his son started producing this drink on an industrial scale.

The company was registered by his son under his father’s name in 1890 and became known as “Johann Becher.” But in 1945, all Germans were deported from the country. A family of entrepreneurs also fell under this program.

The company was nationalized, and the name of the liquor was changed. It became known as “Becherovka.” The brand became owned by the Pernod Ricard Group.

The base of the logo is a rectangle with a black frame surrounded by blue ribbons. It looks a bit like a medical label. The top line contains strict white letters with the brand name.

The lower band of the logo with a silver signature by Jan Becher. In front of the bottom element, there is a red monogram icon. It makes the logo three-dimensional – the middle of the rectangle with the year of creation.

Bottle labels have changed many times. But the very shape of the bottles and the color (green) remain unchanged. You can buy a drink with labels from different production periods in gift sets.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Becherovka Emblem

The emblem consists of two separately spaced elements. The first is the name, executed in white characters on a blue background and outlined above and below thin lines. The second is an icon, a personal distinguishing sign of an alcoholic drink, in which the name of the creator is encrypted. There is a figured key in the center with an openwork head and a shank in the form of a curved four. To the right and left of it are the initials of the founder of the brand – the letters “J” and “B” (from Jan Becher). The monogram is on the round red badge.

The typeface is strict, smooth, sans serif, from the Sans Serif family. A distinctive feature is an unfinished line at “B” (its central deflection does not touch the front wall). Also, the letters “E” have irregular horizontal strokes in length. They also have an identical cut at the same angle.

The color palette is standard: a dark shade of blue and white lettering. The icon consists of a combination of white (icon) and red (background).