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The Bedford logo emphasizes the reliability and durability of the company’s trucks. The large symbols of the emblem are filled with strength and energy. A special beauty is evident in the shine of the elements. Like massive steel giants, they move forward, forming a caravan of tractors.

Bedford: Brand overview

Founded in 1931 as a subsidiary of Vauxhall Motors, Bedford became a significant commercial vehicle manufacturer in the UK. Headquartered in Luton, England, Bedford quickly became a well-known truck brand, producing a wide range of light, medium and heavy trucks.

During World War II, Bedford significantly contributed to the British war effort by producing many trucks, ambulances, and other equipment. After the end of the war, the company expanded its horizons by exporting trucks to various world markets and venturing into the production of bus chassis.

In the 1960s, General Motors took over Vauxhall and Bedford. Despite the change of ownership, Bedford thrived as one of the leading truck manufacturers in the UK until the 1980s. In 1986, General Motors decided to exit the Bedford heavy truck business, which was renamed AWD Trucks. However, Bedford was retained as the name of the company’s small vans and pickup trucks.

By 1991, after six decades at the forefront of truck manufacturing, General Motors dropped the Bedford name entirely. Bedford employed thousands during its heyday at the Luton plant and became a globally recognizable brand synonymous with British commercial vehicles.

Meaning and History

Bedford Logo History


Bedford Old Logo

The first emblem features a majestic griffin on a pedestal, occupying the top three positions, indicating its unrivaled dominance in the market. The color black further enhances the logo’s power.

The griffin is a symbol of the brand’s parent company, Vauxhall. The name and image of the mythical creature originate from Faulk’s Hall, a house built by a Norman military leader on the banks of the Thames. Over time, the name was merged into one word, and Vauxhall, where the car manufacturing company was founded, was eventually renamed.

The warrior, Falkes de Bréauté, had a griffin on his coat of arms. Therefore, the company’s founders, wanting to connect their production with historical roots, placed the griffin on the logo.

Bedford inherited the mythical creature. The beast symbolizes vigilance, strength, and dominance, qualities it imparts to the new company.

The Bedford letters are written like a rainbow, and the white font emphasizes the brand’s novelty.


Bedford Logo 1964

In 1964, following changes within its parent company, the Bedford logo underwent significant revisions to reflect the brand’s current state and ambitions. The new emblem featured a dynamic yet tense image of a griffin, which, despite seeming to glance back at its competitors, confidently maintains its leading position by placing its banner on a pedestal.

The flag held proudly by the griffin displays the letter “V,” clearly signaling the vehicle’s affiliation with Vauxhall. This symbol strengthens the association between the two brands and highlights their unity and coherence in strategic development.

Forged from iron, the griffin symbolizes strength, endurance, and reliability—qualities for which Bedford vehicles are renowned. This image emphasizes the company’s aggressive ambitions to lead the market and its ability to endure challenges while maintaining superiority over competitors.


Bedford Logo

After breaking away from Vauxhall Motors, Bedford created a distinct logo. It centers around a simple badge featuring the brand’s name in bold capital letters colored in vibrant red. Each letter has an outline that gives it a three-dimensional look, adding depth.

The logo pairs certain letters together, such as “E” and “D,” “F” and “O,” and “R” and “D.” This pairing enhances the unity and flow of the text. To the right of the red lettering, a blue square features the white initials “GM,” standing for General Motors, the parent company. This blue square adds a contrasting color and highlights the connection to General Motors.

The red letters convey energy and visibility, making the brand name stand out. The letter pairing adds a playful element, symbolizing unity. The blue “GM” square signifies the brand’s heritage and quality, showing its association with a reputable parent company.

The Bedford logo blends tradition and modernity. The bold red letters and their three-dimensional outlines create a striking visual impact. The blue “GM” square underscores the brand’s connection to its parent company. This mix of colors and shapes captures Bedford’s essence, balancing family ties with a sense of individuality.

The overall design is inviting, capturing attention with bright red letters and a contrasting blue square. The three-dimensional effect adds depth, making the logo appear dynamic. Combining colors and typography conveys reliability and trust, essential qualities for a truck manufacturer like Bedford.