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The Bedford logo, associated with a truck manufacturer that veered away from the symbolism of its parent company, Vauxhall Motors, presents a unique and distinctive style. It features a straightforward symbol consisting of the company name, rendered in capital letters and colored in vibrant red. Each letter carries an original trim that adds dimension, with certain glyphs being paired up – “E” with “D,” “F” with “O,” and “R” with “D.” To the right, a blue square bears the white abbreviation “GM,” which stands for General Motors, the parent corporation owning the brand through Vauxhall Motors.

The logo’s simplicity embodies a sense of clarity and focus, reflecting the brand’s straightforward approach to quality truck manufacturing. The bold capital letters colored in a fiery red signify the brand’s strength, passion, and dynamic energy. The red also implies a sense of urgency and importance, aligning perfectly with the brand’s reputation for producing reliable and sturdy vehicles, essential for tasks of great significance.

The original trim around each letter gives the text a three-dimensional effect, subtly indicating the brand’s robustness and depth in terms of its products and corporate identity. This nuanced design choice reflects the brand’s commitment to fine details and precision – crucial characteristics in truck manufacturing.

Coupling certain glyphs signifies the brand’s belief in collaboration and integration. It mirrors the complex interdependencies of a well-oiled machine, much like the components in Bedford’s carefully constructed vehicles. It underscores the brand’s commitment to unity and team spirit in its operations and corporate culture.

The blue square with the white “GM” letters represents the brand’s connection to its parent corporation, General Motors. This part of the logo does not just point to Bedford’s heritage and roots and affirms the brand’s alignment with the values and standards the globally recognized corporation upholds.

Bedford: Brand overview

Founded: 1931 – 1986
Founder: Vauxhall Motors
Luton, England
Established in 1931 as a subsidiary of Vauxhall Motors, Bedford emerged as a significant manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the UK. With its headquarters in Luton, England, Bedford rapidly became a prominent truck brand, producing an extensive range of light, medium, and heavy-duty lorries.

Bedford played a significant role during World War II, contributing to the British war effort by manufacturing many trucks, ambulances, and other machinery. In the aftermath of the war, Bedford broadened its horizons, exporting its trucks to various global markets and venturing into manufacturing bus chassis.

The 1960s witnessed the takeover of Vauxhall and Bedford by General Motors. Despite the ownership change, Bedford thrived as one of the UK’s leading truck lines through the 1980s. In 1986, General Motors decided to divest from Bedford’s heavy truck business, which was rebranded as AWD Trucks. The Bedford name, however, was retained for the company’s smaller vans and pickups.

By 1991, after six decades of being at the forefront of the truck manufacturing industry, General Motors phased out the Bedford name entirely. Bedford employed thousands of individuals at its Luton factory at its zenith, establishing it as a globally recognizable brand synonymous with British commercial vehicles.

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