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Beijing Automobile Works: Brand overview

Founded in 1953 in Beijing as a state-owned enterprise, Beijing Automobile Works (BAW) originally specialized in the production of jeeps and trucks. In the 1950s and ’60s, the company produced light military vehicles and rugged jeeps capable of crossing off-road terrain.

In the 80s of the last century, BAW switched to the production of small vans, buses, and civilian SUVs. In 2003, the company underwent a restructuring process within the state-owned BAIC Group. However, in 2015, there was a significant shift: BAW went from state to private ownership, being acquired by Shandong Weiqiao Group.

BAW specializes in the production of SUVs, pickup trucks, and other light vehicles designed for the Chinese market. Models such as the BAW BJ212 have carved out a niche for themselves, proving particularly in demand for commercial use and in rural areas where all-wheel drive is a necessity.

In six decades, BAW has evolved from a manufacturer focused primarily on military vehicles to a civilian automaker specializing in rugged and essential forms of transportation.

Meaning and History

Beijing Automobile Works Logo History

2011 – today

Beijing Automobile Works Logo

The logo of China’s second-largest automaker is characterized by businesslikeness and professionalism. It is a horizontally arranged oval with a simple three-dimensional structure. In the center is a star with three long and sharp rays located on a special ledge in the lower part. The background is a curved silver-colored element placed inside the horizontal oval, which is also made in 3D. The emblem has a short name: BAW. It is located in the lower part and typed in red stencil font, reminiscent of a block font. The letters are large, wide, and strict.

All this creates a feeling of solidity. The star in the center resembles the pointy side of a ninja star, which makes you think that this brand has business. The silver curve is reminiscent of a road that you might want to drive one of their cars down. And the red letters are big, impossible to miss. Like a stop sign, but for a car company, saying, “Hey, this is who we are!”.