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The Bellier Automobiles logo traces its roots back to the company’s early identity, symbolized by a winged lamb. Designers opted to retain a key feature from this legacy – the wings. They are depicted as three sharpened feathers, displayed in varying shades of gray: the lightest feather at the top and the darkest at the bottom. A yellow ring serves as a backdrop for these feathers, and at the bottom runs a long line of the same color. This line separates the two-tier name of the company, aligned to the right. The text is set in an uppercase typeface with wide, extra-bold letters.

The selection of the winged motif is suggestive of freedom, agility, and movement – attributes typically associated with driving. Three feathers symbolize the company’s tripartite approach to automobile production, encompassing performance, safety, and style. The gray color scheme signifies balance and neutrality, underlining the brand’s commitment to producing vehicles that harmonize power with practicality.

The backdrop of the yellow ring gives the logo a pop of color, radiating positivity and warmth. This reflects the brand’s aim to bring joy and satisfaction to its customers through its products. The same yellow hue is used for the line that partitions the two-level name, contrasting the grayscale feathers and reinforcing the cheerful undertone.

The arrangement of the company’s name on two levels, aligned to the right, denotes an unconventional approach. It portrays a brand that isn’t afraid to deviate from the norm, indicating its innovative and forward-thinking nature. The wide, extra-bold letters in the company name add a robust, assertive tone to the logo, projecting a sense of reliability and trustworthiness.

The Bellier Automobiles logo integrates past and present, blending elements from its early visual identity with modern design techniques. It is a testament to the company’s longevity in the automotive industry while signaling its readiness for future advancements. Through its vivid imagery and color usage, the logo communicates the brand’s core values and its commitment to delivering a balanced blend of power, agility, and pleasure in every vehicle it produces.

Bellier Automobiles: Brand overview

Founded: 1968
Founder: Jean Bellier
Established in 1968 by French engineer Jean Bellier, Bellier Automobiles initiated its journey without an official manufacturer’s license authorization. Operating out of Vendée in France, Bellier started by transforming Renault 4CVs into compact sports car models, a venture undertaken without Renault’s explicit approval.

However, a major shift occurred in 1980 when Bellier acquired a license and commenced the production of its unique microcars and innovative electric city vehicles, albeit in modest quantities. Bellier carved out a distinctive market segment, manufacturing minimalist, cost-effective urban EVs and roadsters aimed at consumers seeking basic, affordable transport.

Throughout its history, the company’s ownership has switched hands multiple times, yet its focus on microcars and electric vehicles has remained consistent. Bellier joined forces with other French companies in the early 2000s and 2010s to advance its EV powertrain technology.

Although always a specialized automaker, Bellier spearheaded the early advent of electric cars and microcars in France, catering to a specific group of unconventional drivers. After a journey spanning over half a century, Bellier remains committed to manually producing a limited number of distinctive electric runabouts that appeal to European EV enthusiasts.

Meaning and History

Bellier Automobiles Logo History

1968 – 2009

Bellier Automobiles Logo 1968

2009 – today

Bellier Automobiles Logo