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Bellier Automobiles: Brand overview

Founded in 1968 by French engineer Jean Bellier, Bellier Automobiles began its journey without an official manufacturing authorization. Operating in Vendée, France, Bellier began by converting Renault 4CVs into compact sports cars, and this was done without Renault’s explicit consent.

In 1980, however, a major shift occurred: Bellier was licensed and began producing its unique microcars and innovative electric city cars, albeit in modest quantities. Bellier carved out a distinct market segment for itself by producing minimalistic, fuel-efficient electric city cars and roadsters aimed at consumers looking for simple and affordable transportation.

Throughout its history, the company has changed hands many times, but its focus on microcars and electric vehicles has remained constant. In the early 2000s and 2010s, Bellier joined forces with other French companies to develop electric vehicle technology.

Although always a specialized automaker, Bellier pioneered the emergence of electric cars and microcars in France, targeting a specific group of non-traditional drivers. After more than half a century, Bellier remains committed to hand-building a limited number of unique electric cars that will appeal to European EV enthusiasts.

Meaning and History

Bellier Automobiles Logo History

1968 – 2009

Bellier Automobiles Logo 1968

2009 – today

Bellier Automobiles Logo

The logo bears an association with a winged lamb, which was previously used in the visual style of this company. The designers have retained its key feature – wings. They depicted them in the form of three pointed feathers, presented in three shades of gray: the lightest feather is at the top, the darkest – at the bottom. The background is a yellow ring, and a long line of the same color runs below. This line separates the two-level title, aligned on the right edge. The lettering is in uppercase font with wide and extra bold letters.

Overall, the design is very pretty. The gray feathers bring to mind something quick and light, like a bird that just flew by. The yellow color reminds you of a flash of sunlight behind them. The letters on the right seem to shout, “Hey, look at me!” but not in an ostentatious way.