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The emblem of vodka speaks of the strength of alcohol and its perfect combination with an expensive snack. The sign advises drinking the drink cool. The Beluga logo symbolizes the best Russian cooking traditions and time-tested recipes.

Beluga: Brand overview

Mariinsk, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia
Beluga is a Russian premium alcohol brand known far beyond the borders of Russia. The products of this brand are exported to Europe, the USA, China.

Meaning and History

Beluga Symbol

The Synergy Group acquired the old Ussuriisky Balsam plant in 2002 and at the same time began to produce products – elite vodka using improved technology. The brand’s trademark is the use in the production of artesian water and threefold filtration of vodka – through sand, please, silver. For products that will be exported, the fourth filter, cotton, is also required. The alcohol goes through an aging process.

The brand gradually bought out five more distilleries and a winery, expanding its range, including liqueurs, cognacs, wines, liqueurs, tequila, rum, brandy, and other drinks.

The Beluga logo is the embodiment of a luxurious life in Russian. Sturgeon caviar was the most famous elite snack, so the image on the golden beluga’s emblem, whose caviar is unrivaled on the market, emphasizes the chic.

What is Beluga?

Beluga is the name of a Russian vodka produced at a distillery in the city of Mariinsk, Kemerovo Region. It was developed in 2002, with an alcohol content of 40%. Special attention is paid to the water used, which is sourced only from artesian wells. The alcohol is available in six different flavors.

An even white background, highlighted in gold or gold-colored letters in the austere script, underlines the drinks’ uncompromising quality.

A special feature of containers with Beluga brand products is a metal fish on the bottle cap. This element is placed on each beverage bottle by hand. Thus, the manufacturer emphasizes respect for each client.

The logo of the super-premium vodka of Russian origin consists of two basic elements. The first is beluga, after which the brand is named. The second is an inscription indicating the type of fish and the brand name. They are united by a noble style and look very harmonious, complementing each other. The line includes five types of vodka. Moreover, the label of each of them contains not only the image of a beluga with the word “Beluga,” but also its flavor.

This is done to make the drink of the highest class stand out from the rest. After all, they are of great value and have their awards at international competitions, as well as a unique recipe. The bottle with Noble vodka features a rare design: the fish is made of a tin alloy and manually attached to the emblem. The real badge symbolizes the high status of vodka since, in 2012, it was the official drink of the Nobel Prize ceremony.

No less interesting is the design of the logo of another alcohol from the same series. Gold Line vodka is sealed with sealing wax and supplemented with a special hammer, with which it is broken. The Celebration emblem is platinum vacuum plated, and gold lacquered. The Allure label is shaped like a saddle and decorated with genuine leather details. For Transatlantic Racing, the designers chose nautical motives.

Beluga: Interesting Facts

Beluga vodka from Russia is known for its top-notch quality and special way of making it. Here’s a simpler overview of what makes Beluga vodka stand out:

  1. Origins: Made in Siberia at the Mariinsk Distillery since 1900, Beluga vodka benefits from one of the cleanest water and natural ingredients, giving it a distinct taste.
  2. How It’s Made: Beluga vodka’s production process sets it apart. It’s made from wheat, goes through triple filtration, and rests for up to 90 days, depending on the type. This resting makes the vodka smoother and richer in flavor.
  3. Water Quality: The vodka uses double-filtered artesian water from Siberian springs, contributing to its purity and smoothness.
  4. Different Types: Beluga offers various types of vodka like Noble, Gold Line, and Transatlantic Racing, each with its filtration process and resting period to suit different tastes.
  5. Craftsmanship: Every bottle’s attention to detail is clear and features a metallic beluga fish emblem. The Gold Line even includes a hammer and brush for the wax seal, highlighting the special experience of drinking premium vodka.
  6. Awards: Beluga vodka has won international awards and is loved by experts worldwide for its smoothness and quality.
  7. Russian Heritage: It’s not just vodka; it’s part of the Russian vodka-making tradition, mixing old methods with new technology to create high-quality vodka.
  8. Worldwide Popularity: Although it comes from a remote Siberian town, Beluga vodka is enjoyed in over 50 countries.
  9. Giving Back: Beluga supports cultural events and environmental projects and promotes drinking responsibly.
  10. Taste: It’s known for its clear, crisp taste with slight grain and floral hints, making it great for drinking straight or cocktails.

Beluga vodka blends traditional distillation and Siberia’s pure resources, making it a celebrated premium spirit globally for its quality and heritage.

Font and Colors

Beluga Emblem

The word “BELUGA” is crafted in a sleek serif typeface. In their shape, they resemble thorns protruding on the fish’s sides and are characteristic of this breed. This is a Soviet typeface called Izvestija. The varying line weights lend dynamics to the lettering, while the smoothly curved beams add sophistication. The letter “E” has a characteristic feature: a short center stroke is located well above the middle and occupies the upper third of the sign.

The palette of the logo is diverse and depends on the type of vodka included in the line. In one case, it is a combination of dark gray with gold. In the second – chocolate with white and gold. In the third – silver with black and matte gold. In the fourth – dark blue with black and gold. In the fifth – burgundy and green with a metallic shade of gray.

Beluga color codes

Davy’s GrayHex color:#4a4843
RGB:74 72 67
CMYK:0 3 9 71
Pantone:PMS 418 C