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The company’s machines are superior to competitors in many respects. The Bentley logo demonstrates pride in its achievements, confidence in the future, and the technical characteristics that allow the brand’s cars to “fly” on the roads.

Bentley: Brand overview

Founded:18 January 1919
Founder:H. M. Bentley, W. O. Bentley
Crewe, England
Bentley (full name Bentley Motors Limited) is a company that manufactures and markets SUVs, racing cars, and luxury cars. Two Bentley brothers – Walter Owen and Horace Millner – founded it in Cricklewood, North London. The company has existed since January 1919, and since 1998, it has been owned by the German Volkswagen Group. Its headquarters are located in Crewe (England).

Meaning and History

Bentley Logo History

In transitioning from two wheels to four, Walter Owen Bentley dreamed of designing and producing his cars. In 1913, he noticed an ordinary aluminum paperweight at the DFP factory. He decided this metal was an ideal replacement for the cast iron from which pistons are made. The young man correctly thought that this would ease the weight of the machines and increase their speed. And he did it. Initial versions were used on aircraft engines during the First World War, increasing aircraft maneuverability.

Then, in the summer of 1919, the entrepreneur formalized the rights to Bentley Motors Ltd. and, a few months later, presented a car chassis of his design made from an innovative material at the time. This laid the foundation for the famous brand, whose technique has repeatedly won rallies. Today, the most famous racing cars are believed to be descended from the legendary Bentley Speed ​​Six and Bentley 4½ Liter, which gave birth to the Sprint brand.

What is Bentley?

Bentley is a car brand owned by the British company Bentley Motors Limited. The company that owns it has existed since 1919 is based in Crewe, Cheshire, and is part of the German corporation Volkswagen AG.

In a series of mergers, sales, and acquisitions, Bentley merged with Rolls-Royce. In 1971, the British government nationalized the largest automobile manufacturing structure and divided it into two firms. The first company is Rolls-Royce Plc (aerospace), and the second is Rolls-Royce Motors Limited (automobile), which includes a division of Bentley. Vickers, an engineering conglomerate, then took over the second firm. He, in turn, sold it to Volkswagen AG, which still owns it.

However, an unpleasant incident happened with the intellectual property rights to Bentley’s identity. With the sale of Rolls-Royce Motors Limited and Rolls-Royce Plc, the aerospace company retained the rights to the logo and names. The automaker was forced to buy a license to use elements of its visual identity. But this almost did not affect Bentley: the firm with the trademarks passed to the Volkswagen Group, which since 2003 became its sole owner.

Bentley Symbol

Frederick Gordon Crosby designed the logo. He depicted a winged B on the badge. The white capital letter is centered on a horizontal oval, completely black. This is the only text element in the logo. Moreover, the in-letter gaps look like two-round dies or like holes for valves.

There are wings to the right and left of the oval. They symbolize the flight of the founder’s dream to the heights of the production of off-road and racing cars. In addition, the wings signify the high status of the brand and its products, which have soared high into the sky and out of the reach of competitors. Another explanation for the presence of feathers is a reminder of the company’s origins because it began with the aviation industry. Today, the brand is investing a new meaning in the winged icon: the unearthly potential that the manufacturer can achieve in the future. Either way, this decoration makes Bentley cars super-fast.

Experts even counted the number of feathers in the right and left wings. It turned out that their number is not the same because such a discrepancy brings good luck to racing cars. But their numbers on the right and left are the same in ordinary models. Usually, there are different variants of the number of feathers – 10:11 and 13:14. In the standard version, they correlate to 10:10. Above and below, a thin strip connects the wings. The emblem also has a semblance of a bird’s tail, consisting of seven feathers.

Bentley: Interesting Facts

Bentley Motors Limited is a British luxury car maker known for its top-notch performance and luxury cars for over a hundred years.

  1. Start and Early Wins: Founded in 1919 by W.O. Bentley in North London, the company quickly made a name for itself in racing, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times in the 1920s.
  2. The “Bentley Boys”: A group of wealthy British car enthusiasts, the “Bentley Boys,” raced Bentleys to victory in many competitions, boosting the brand’s image early on.
  3. Famous Models: Bentley has created many iconic cars, like the 2003 Bentley Continental GT, which is known for blending luxury with power.
  4. Customization: Bentley is known for its detailed customization options, which allow buyers to personalize everything from paint colors to interior details, making each car unique.
  5. Speed Records: Bentley has set speed records, including a 2007 record on ice in Finland and the fastest production car at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 2019 with a Bentley Continental GT.
  6. Royal Approval: Bentley holds royal warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles and supplies cars to the British royal family, highlighting its prestigious British heritage.
  7. Sustainability Goals: Bentley is working towards becoming a leader in sustainable luxury. By 2026, it plans to offer only electric or hybrid vehicles and aim for carbon neutrality by 2030.
  8. Advanced Technology: The cars feature the latest technology, from infotainment systems to driver-assistance technologies, enhancing performance and comfort.
  9. Custom Audio Systems: Bentley partners with premium audio brands like Naim to offer tailor-made audio systems that provide an exceptional sound experience in each model.
  10. Racing Heritage: Bentley participates in motorsport, winning endurance races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which helps refine their road cars.

Bentley stands out for its mix of luxury, performance, and rich history. It is also moving towards innovative designs and sustainability in the automotive world.

Font and Colors

Bentley Emblem

The caption is used separately from the icon. It contains a single text symbol—”B.” The capital letter, derived from the word “Bentley,” belongs to the individual category and is framed with miniature sharp serifs. They are visible above and below on the left side. All other elements are rounded.

The logo palette is monochrome, usually consisting of black and white. The first is an image, and the second serves as a background, although in the center, it is the opposite – a white symbol is on a black oval. However, this option is used only for advertising, business office, and other tasks since cars are marked with a colored logo. The space between the wings can be colored green or red. The first color is for racing cars; the second is for luxury models.


Is a Bentley a Rolls Royce?

No, a Bentley is not a Rolls-Royce. Both are luxury brands with a long history but are managed separately and have distinct products today. Both brands are renowned for their quality and luxury cars, attracting wealthy clients.

Rolls-Royce bought Bentley after Bentley faced financial problems. At that time, Bentley cars were sportier than the more traditional Rolls-Royce models. In the late 20th century, the situation changed. Volkswagen Group bought Bentley, and BMW acquired Rolls-Royce. This allowed each brand to develop independently, using its designs and technologies.

These cars are among the leading luxury car manufacturers. They have a rich history but are now separate brands that operate independently, each advancing luxury car design in their way.

How much is the cheapest Bentley?

The cheapest model is the 2023 Bentayga SUV, which starts at about $167,000. This model is the entry point in the brand’s lineup, offering luxury and performance.

There are several versions of the Bentayga, each with different features and prices. The Bentayga Azure starts at $191,000. The sportier Bentayga S starts at $223,000. The top model, Bentayga Speed, starts at around $263,000. Each version of the Bentayga offers different levels of luxury and performance to suit various customer preferences.

What does the Bentley logo mean?

The logo features a large letter “B” with wings. The letter “B” stands for Bentley. Wings symbolize flight, dream potential, great speed, and high status, reminding us of the brand’s roots in aviation.

Before founding Bentley Motors, W.O. Bentley produced rotary aircraft engines during the First World War. This aviation experience influenced the logo design.

What is the logo for Bentley?

The logo features a large white “B” in a black oval surrounded by bird wings and a seven-feathered tail. This design is enclosed in a white oval with a ring frame. The letter “B” stands for the brand name. The wings and feathers in the logo symbolize flight, great speed, and high status.

The wings tie into the brand’s aviation roots. Before starting the car company, W.O. Bentley produced rotary aircraft engines during the First World War. This history is reflected in the winged logo, linking the brand’s past with its focus on luxury and engineering.

What is the font of the Bentley logo?

The letter “B” in the logo has a custom design created specifically for the brand. This “B” has rounded parts, making it look sleek and elegant. It has short, spike-like serifs on the left side, making it distinctive.

The spaces inside the letter are oval-shaped, adding to the aesthetics. These design elements give the logo a luxurious look that matches the brand’s image. This unique font helps convey the luxury and elegance of the brand.