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The Beretta logo is serious, dangerous, and fatal. How else is it, since it is associated with an industry where mistakes are excluded? One mistake and a man’s life is in danger. Ideal lines indicate the perfect result of the work, though they remind ancient knightly attributes. The theme of arms is always relevant, which is why the brand’s emblem is included in the list of legendary iconic icons.

Beretta: Brand overview

Founder:Bartolomeo Beretta
Gardone Val Trompia, Italy
Beretta is the abbreviated name of the Pietro Beretta Weapon Factory (or Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta Gardone in Italian), which is the largest in the world. It has existed since 1526; therefore, it is also considered the oldest on the planet. Its main specialization is military, law enforcement, and civil and sports firearms. In addition, the holding is known as a manufacturer of accessories and uniforms for shooting ranges. The company was founded by Bartolomeo Beretta from Brescia (Lombardy), where iron ore has been mined since the Roman Empire. The current location of its head office is the city of Gardone Val Trompia (Italy).

Meaning and History

Beretta Logo History

A forge owned by Bartolomeo Beretta founded the oldest Italian holding for the production of weapons. Although it has been operating since 1500, the official date of its foundation is 1526, when the first documented transaction appeared. It spoke of 185 arquebuses for the Republic of Venice, worth 296 ducats. Now, this agreement is recognized as a museum value.

At the end of the 17th century, Beretta entered the top 2 of the largest gunsmiths in Gardone. All this time, knowledge on the manufacture of barrels was passed down from generation to generation, so the company has become a real family business. The Italian dynasty still owns the business, to manage which they created a whole holding. Interestingly, its identity strictly follows historical traditions and has changed only once. It has two emblems in its arsenal: the original and the current one.

What is Beretta?

Beretta is an Italian arms holding, considered the oldest in the world. It appeared in 1526 and, at first, was a forge in a region with massive iron ore mining. Its full name is Pietro Beretta Weapon Factory. The key specialization of the company is weapons for law enforcement, military, and civilian sectors. In addition, she is engaged in uniforms and accessories for shooting ranges. Its head office is located in Gardone Val Trompia (Italy).

the 1800s – 1950

Beretta Logo 1800s

The debut logo adorned Beretta firearms for a century and a half. It was used both as an overhead die and an imprint on products. It was an image of a vertically elongated shield with eight corners and one semicircle at the bottom. The badge consisted of two parts – graphic and text, reflecting the belonging of the trademark to deep history. The central place was occupied by the letters “PB” – the initials of Pietro Beretta. They were made in the old style and resembled a monogram. Each symbol had spiral elements and other decorative embellishments that testified to the antiquity of the brand. Below them were intertwined branches of oak and laurel, classically denoting valor and glory. They were tied with a twisted ribbon.

1950 – today

Beretta Logo

The modern version of the logo goes even further into history, as it represents the very beginning of the weapons company – an arquebus for throwing arrows. That is why the emblem shows three arrows with three pairs of “feathers” at the ends. The tail part is taken in a circle at the central element and the side – the middle part (under the tip). Together they are surrounded by a large ring. Below is the name of the weapon brand, typed in a refined and smooth uppercase font. The letters are decorated with sharp serifs, and the “R” has a characteristically shortened right leg, reminiscent of a firearm trigger.

Font and Colors

Beretta Symbol

The basis of the corporate logo was the heraldic sign seen by the founder of the weapons company in the house of Gabriele d’Annunzio. It is thought out, finalized, and modernized, so it looks incredibly stylish and fully meets the manufacturer’s concept. A large circle with three vertical arrows and three smaller circles inside represents a precise hit on the target. In the people, this emblem is called a trident.

The designers chose a narrower version of Jupiter Pro Regular for the modern logo, so the letters in the inscription are elongated vertically. The exception is “R,” which resembles the glyph from the Saya Serif FY Light typeface by FONTYOU. The signature palette of the Beretta brand is characterized by restraint and rigor. The early version uses dark shades of red copper, while the current version uses dark blue.

Beretta color codes

Cool BlackHex color:#032e59
RGB:3 46 89
CMYK:97 48 0 65
Pantone:PMS 295 C