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The Berkeley logo represents success, greatness, the desire to become famous, and progress. The emblem is full of balance and grace; it shows the ability of the company to realize its plans, turning the idea into a real embodiment.

Berkeley: Brand overview

Founded:1956 – 1960
Founder:Charles Panter, Lawrie Bond
Biggleswade, England

Berkeley is a brand of three and four-wheeled sports cars, small in size. It existed for four years, from 1956 to 1960, and was revived by Berkeley Sportscars Ltd in 2020. The Berkeley logo adorned many models: SA322, SE328, SE492, Foursome, B65, B95, B105, T60, and Bandit.

For four years, the company left a memorable mark in the history of the English car industry, producing more than 4,000 cars of 9 models. Some are very limited editions, making them a unique rarity. For example, T60 /4 and Foursome (20 each) or Bandit and B95 (2 each)

Meaning and History

Berkeley Logo History

The emblem conveys the rise up, completeness, and harmony, the ability of the brand’s cars to develop good speed.

What is Berkeley?

A brand of minicars from the 1956-1960s, designed by designer Lawrence Bond and implemented by Berkeley Coachworks. Production was in the English Biggleswade. In 2020, the revival of the brand was announced. Prototypes of the updated SE328 and Berkeley Bandit GT are in the works.

1956 – 1960

Berkeley Logo 1956-1960

2020 – today

Berkeley Logo

The logo is an iron frame consisting of a circle and a large letter in the center, hanging on two iron handrails extending from the base. The name is inscribed in thin white type in a metal frame at the top and five stars at the bottom. In the center of the emblem, the background is white below the letter B and red above.

The founding company of Berkeley Cars was called Berkeley Coachworks and carried that name across all brands and subsidiaries. The name is taken from the English city of Berkeley, located in the county of Gloucestershire, and comes from the Old English birch lea (birch leaf).

The letter B seems to float, moving from a new idea to implementation. Shows that the company’s success lies in combining new ideas and characteristics of fast and comfortable machines.

Five stars, by analogy with hotels, represents the best offer, a top-class car. The company constantly innovated and developed new prototypes: fiberglass, triple carburetor, and folding doors. The modern owner went further along the path of innovation and replaced the fiberglass composite chassis with an environmentally friendly one made from a mixture of flax and wood resins. Engines, in addition to gasoline, added modern electric and hydrogen ones.

The white and red background comes from the flag of England – the cross of St. George and conveys the patriotic spirit of the manufacturers, as their cars represented the England teams in the races.

Font and Colors

The main colors of the logo are red, white, and metallic.

  • Red – speed, beauty, development, passion for design.
  • White – inventions, novelty, creation from scratch.
  • Metallic – strength, strength, brilliance.

The font of the inscription is simple Calibri. Refined capital letters show a small but important contribution to history.

Berkeley color codes

CarnelianHex color:#b80014
RGB:184 0 20
CMYK:0 100 89 28
Pantone:PMS 485 C
Anti-Flash WhiteHex color:#edeeee
RGB:237 238 238
CMYK:0 0 0 7
Pantone:PMS 663 C
Neon SilverHex color:#cbcbcc
RGB:203 203 204
CMYK:0 0 0 20
Pantone:PMS 420 C
Medium GrayHex color:#bab9bb
RGB:186 185 187
CMYK:1 1 0 27
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 4 C
OnyxHex color:#414043
RGB:65 64 67
CMYK:3 4 0 74
Pantone:PMS Black 7 C