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The Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices logo has a rather complex and presentable, which consists of several parts. They are organically connected by a single palette, made in luxurious purple.

Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices: Brand overview

Founder:Berkshire Hathaway
Minneapolis, Minnesotam U.S.
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services is a well-known American real estate services company. The official definition is a franchise network consisting of several brokerage companies. Among the company’s main activities are property insurance, real estate brokerage services, franchising, and much more. A wide variety of services is emphasized at the level of visual identity. The owner is a large holding-conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway.

Meaning and History

Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Logo History

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services was formed over several years like most modern American companies. The process involved many famous personalities who were able to bring the company to a leading position in their field. The modern brokerage division of the firm operates under various brand names. This is the highest achievement in the real estate industry.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices owns one of the most remarkable logos in the real estate industry. It used to be recognized by its bright purple color, symbolizing luxury, prestige, and quality. Another essential element was the ring – a symbol reflecting unity, integrity, and security, emphasizing the company’s reliability and stability.

On the eve of its tenth anniversary, the brokerage network updated its emblem using the iconic Cabernet shade. The evolution of style showed that modern brands strive for simplification: thanks to the strict sans-serif font, the inscription “BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HOMESERVICES” appeared fashionable and concise. Moreover, minimalism manifested in the disappearance of the circular seal.

What is Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices?

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services is one of America’s premier residential real estate firms. It includes several brokerage divisions that provide quality services in the field of home and commercial real estate purchases and insurance. The head office is in Irvine, California. The company’s employees are experts in this industry, so they know how to find the most advantageous offers for each client.

1998 – 2023

Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Logo 1998

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services is one of the largest multinational holdings and demonstrates the highest work standards. This is confirmed by the chic design, which combines classics, elegance, and perfect style. In terms of brand style, it fully meets the requirements.

Expressive letters on a white background, a harmonious combination of colors, and the use of different types of fonts and original colors – all show a professional approach to the design and concept of the brand as a whole. The chosen style compares favorably with the design of other companies operating in this field, emphasizing its special significance.

For many years, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services has been part of the Berkshire Hathaway holding. Under the management of a commercial conglomerate, the company began to develop and expand its range of services rapidly. It was created in 2013 and, at the same time, acquired a stylish corporate emblem. In the center was the inscription Berkshire Hathaway, which symbolized belonging to a well-known brand. Above it was placed a round badge with the full name of the company and the first letters of BHHS.

This combination demonstrated a single tandem and worked according to the same quality standards. Under the title block was a part of the name HomeServices, which placed additional emphasis on a specific business unit. The letters used to decorate the central part were made in strict straight lines, reminiscent of the printed style of the press. This design evoked associations with publicity, reliability, and durability. This directly reflected the peculiarities of the company’s work.

The inscription is made in a softer and smoother font in the round badge, which symbolizes comfort and trust. The size of the letters in the inscription was different. This nuance made the emblem especially stylish and easy to read. In addition, the design was quite memorable. A distinctive feature of the emblem was also the colors. Designers chose only two colors that harmoniously complemented each other. In this form, the emblem is still used today.

2023 – today

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Logo

The logo adopted in late January 2023 is designed in a minimalist style. Although its creation was timed to coincide with the company’s anniversary, the wordmark does not look festive – it is strict, simple, and concise. Designers reflected on the work that the brokerage network had done over the past decade and showcased a new brand based on principles of honesty and trust.

Changing the emblem is a strategic step aimed at attracting clients. The Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices name is easily readable at any scale thanks to the clear sans-serif font, which roughly resembles Gomme Sans Semi Bold by Dharma Type. Developers retained the three-line arrangement of the inscription but aligned the words in width – so that the logo visually forms a rectangle. To do this, they had to experiment with the size of the glyphs and the width of the letter spacing. The evolution also affected the color: the emblem now uses the Cabernet shade, which has become an integral part of the company’s visual identity.

Font and Colors

Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Emblem

The Berkshire Hathaway Home Services logo has an elegant design reminiscent of the main holding company. In the center, there is an inscription for which a confident strict font is used. The same design was used for the bottom Home Services lettering, but on a smaller scale. This design symbolizes the connection with the owner – the Berkshire Hathaway holding, and at the same time emphasizes the importance of the company itself.

Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Icon Logo

The top icon contains the company’s full name, enclosed in a circle. The inscription itself is located along the edges of this circle, completely repeating the shape. A smoother font was chosen for it, consisting of rounded sans-serif lines. It symbolizes trust and comfort, which is especially important for customers seeking such services.

Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Symbol

Inside the circle are also the first four letters of the name, which are presented in a larger size. They make the logo diverse and modern. The coloring includes two colors – white and purple. Neutral white is used as the background. He demonstrates honesty and trust. The letters are purple.

This is a basic soft shade associated with luxury and the elite. In the context of the company, it symbolizes a special status. Berkshire Hathaway Home Services is the best of the best, so this color on the emblem looks very organic.

Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices color codes

Russian VioletHex color:#4e134d
RGB:78 19 77
CMYK:0 76 1 69
Pantone:PMS 260 C