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Bestune: Brand overview

In 2006, Bestune, a Chinese automobile manufacturer, was established as a subsidiary of First Automobile Works (FAW), China’s leading state-owned automaker.

The company was originally called Besturn and began its journey with the launch of its first car, the B50 sedan, in the same year. The B50 was an upgraded version of the previous generation Mazda6, produced under a licensing agreement with Mazda.

In the following years, Besturn expanded its range with several more models, most of which were built on Mazda technologies and platforms. These included the B70 sedan and the V2 compact SUV.

By 2010, Besturn began developing its own models aimed at the Chinese market, one of which was the X80 SUV.

By 2013, the brand’s presence had expanded significantly, with more than 100,000 vehicles sold in China annually. Elegant sedans and SUVs were targeted at the growing Chinese middle class.

In 2019, brand modernization saw the rebranding of the company from Besturn to Bestune, marking the introduction of modern models such as the T77 SUV.

Bestune has consistently expanded its product range and market presence in China, aiming to establish its reputation as the leading domestic brand of the modern era.

Bestune continues to operate as a subsidiary of the FAW Group. The vehicles are manufactured in China at joint ventures between FAW and leading automakers such as Toyota and Volkswagen.

By 2020, Bestune has reached a significant milestone, having sold a total of 500,000 vehicles. The company has set a goal of achieving sales of more than 1 million vehicles per year by 2025, signaling its ambitious plans for the future.

Meaning and History

Bestune Logo History

2006 – 2018

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2018 – today

Bestune Logo

The Bestune car brand emphasizes its Chinese origin, so one of the variants of its name is written in Chinese characters. This is the first line – the uppermost and most noticeable. Below is the English version, typed in a font in which the letters look like Chinese characters because some parts are cut off. The letter “E” looks most unusual: it has only horizontal lines. Despite the difference in the number of characters, the lines are matched in length and aligned on both sides. Their color is the same – black. On the left side is the personal symbol of the brand.

There is a certain mixture of East and West in the logo. Thanks to the Chinese characters, you can understand where the brand comes from. Then, there are English letters stylized as Chinese letters. The letter “E” is the strangest, making you look at it twice. It’s as if the brand is saying, “Hey, we’re different.” The black color gives a stylishness like a tuxedo for words.