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The Bestune logo, belonging to the car brand of the same name, emphasizes its Chinese origins by presenting one of the variations of its name in Chinese characters. This representation is placed in the topmost line, making it prominent and immediately visible. Beneath it, the English language version is presented with a typeface that gives the letters a glyph-like appearance due to the omission of certain parts. The most unusual representation is the ‘E,’ which features only horizontal lines. Despite the difference in glyph count, the lines are adjusted for length and aligned on both sides, all in a consistent black color. To the left, the brand’s unique symbol is presented.

By presenting the brand’s name in English and Chinese, the logo aims to bridge the gap between its Chinese heritage and the global market it serves. The intentional design choice to represent the English version of the brand name in a glyph-like typeface further echoes this message. The unique design of the English letters, particularly the ‘E,’ attracts attention and provides a visual continuity between the Chinese and English versions of the brand’s name.

The black color used for the text is universally associated with elegance, power, and sophistication. It brings seriousness and authority to the brand’s image, underscoring Bestune’s position in the automotive market. The color also allows for high contrast with lighter backgrounds, ensuring that the logo stands out and is easily recognizable.

The personal symbol of the brand, positioned to the left of the text, is integral to the logo’s design. It signifies the brand’s unique identity and values, making it a crucial element in the overall logo composition. The alignment of the symbol with the text suggests a balanced and harmonious brand image.

The design elements incorporated into the Bestune logo, from its choice of color to the bilingual representation of the brand’s name, converge to reflect the company’s dual identity: deeply rooted in its Chinese origins, yet also a player in the global market. The logo showcases the brand’s aspirations to blend these two identities seamlessly, balancing maintaining its heritage and pursuing international success.

Bestune: Brand overview

Founded: 2006
Founder: FAW Car Company
Changchun, China
2006 Bestune, a Chinese automobile manufacturer, was established as an offshoot of First Automobile Works (FAW), China’s leading state-owned auto manufacturer.

The company originally went by the name Besturn and kickstarted its journey with the launch of its first car, the B50 sedan, that same year. The B50 model was essentially a revamped version of the prior generation Mazda6, produced under a licensing agreement with Mazda.

Besturn expanded its portfolio in the following years by introducing several other models, most built upon Mazda’s technology and platforms. These included the B70 sedan and the V2, a compact SUV.

By 2010, Besturn started to develop models of its own, specifically designed to cater to the preferences of the Chinese market, one of which was the X80 SUV.

By 2013, the brand’s presence had significantly increased, selling over 100,000 vehicles annually within China. Their elegant sedans and SUVs were tailored for the burgeoning Chinese middle class.

In 2019, a brand overhaul led to the company’s rebranding from Besturn to Bestune, marked by the introduction of contemporary models such as the T77 SUV.

Bestune has consistently been expanding its product range and market presence across China, striving to cement its reputation as a premier domestic brand of modern times.

Bestune continues to operate as a subsidiary of FAW Group. The vehicles are produced in China via joint ventures between FAW and leading automakers such as Toyota and Volkswagen.

By 2020, Bestune reached a notable milestone by selling a cumulative total of 500,000 vehicles. It set a goal to achieve an annual sales volume of over 1 million vehicles by 2025, demonstrating its ambitious plans for the future.

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