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Combining to achieve common political goals shows the Biden Harris logo. The emblem is an example of close cooperation between two competitors who have met each other halfway and are actively working together.

Biden Harris: Brand overview

United States
Biden Harris is the Joe Biden campaign brand that has teamed up with Senator Kamala Harris. He was the Democratic candidate and won elections in 2020, becoming the 46th President of the United States.

Meaning and History

Biden Harris Symbol

At the start of the campaign, everyone who Joe Biden would make vice president was a mystery to everyone. Later, Kamala Harris, who also participated in the primaries and planned to take the presidency, would become his partner. The Democratic Party announced the news and immediately unveiled an updated logo – a symbol of political unity. The visual identity was supposed to show that all the disagreements between the candidates are in the past, and now they act as one team.

The author of the design is the creative advisor Robyn Kanner. She led an entire group that worked on the Biden Harris brand. They managed to tie the new campaign logo to the original Joe Biden graphic created by the marketing agency Mekanism.

The specialists faced a difficult task: they had to devise a political emblem in absolute secrecy. Nobody knew what the final version would look like, so the designers jumped at every idea they could think of. They used short and long forms of names, combined them differently, and experimented with visual design.

What is Biden Harris?

Biden Harris was the election campaign of American politicians in 2020, representing presidential candidate Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Devi Harris, who together pursued common goals. They proposed a political platform addressing pressing issues such as the economy, social justice, the environment, healthcare, and the fight against COVID-19.

Moreover, the creative team made it so that all versions are interconnected and based on the original campaign symbols. As you know, in April 2020, Joe Biden officially announced his intention to become President and presented two “solo” logos. The first option contained the candidate’s name (top) and the date “2020” (bottom), which were placed inside the blue ring. The text elements were also blue, except the letter “E” – it consisted of three horizontal red stripes.

The structure of the second logo was even simpler: one line contained the word “BIDEN” (with a red striped “E”), and the other contained “PRESIDENT.” It was this option that became the basis for the visual identity of the Biden Harris brand in August 2020. Designers replaced “PRESIDENT” with “HARRIS” so that voters can immediately see that Senator Kamala Harris has joined the Democratic Party candidate and plans to become vice president. Thus, she became the fourth woman in the United States to appear on the campaign emblem of a major party.

The design team led by Robyn Kanner had only 43 minutes between figuring out who will be Joe Biden’s companion in the race for the presidency and the official release of the information. In this short period, they had to create a new logo to include the names of two government officials.

Replacing the word “PRESIDENT” with “HARRIS” turned out to be the simplest but, at the same time, the most successful solution. The resulting text mark doesn’t just tell you which box to check on Election Day. It symbolizes unity, courage, and strength – qualities that patriots attribute to America. Moreover, the names of political partners are presented on approximately the same scale: they are aligned in length and height, which indicates the team’s cohesion.

The unifying element of the Joe Biden solo logos and the joint campaign emblem is the stylized letter “E.” It consists of three red stripes, which are shortened on the left side to bend around the “O” (in the word “JOE”) or “D” (in the word “BIDEN HARRIS”).

The red lines are rumored to come from the Obama campaign. Whether this is true or not is unknown. Only one thing can be said for sure: the elements that replace the capital letter “E” make the logo universal. This design is associated with the US flag, which also features bold red horizontal stripes. They represent the 13 united colonies, and in the case of the Biden Harris logo, show the candidates’ desire to unite the country.

The size and shape of the lines convey dynamism that echoes Joe Biden’s love of railways. It is known that the 46th President of the United States, being a Senator and Vice President, traveled to work only by train. His name was even given to the station. But for all the symbolism, the emblem of the election campaign is very simple. Perhaps this is what made it successful because the people of America were looking for constancy and stability.

Biden Harris: Interesting Facts

The Biden-Harris campaign in 2020 was a landmark event in American politics, highlighted by several significant moments and achievements.

  1. Kamala Harris Made History: As Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick, Kamala Harris broke new ground as the first African American woman, an Indian American woman, and the first daughter of immigrants to become Vice President.
  2. Campaigning During COVID-19: The pandemic reshaped their campaign with virtual events and digital organizing, focusing on public health safety compared to traditional campaign methods.
  3. Record Voter Turnout: The 2020 election saw the highest voter participation in over a century, with Joe Biden receiving the most votes ever for a presidential candidate.
  4. Unity and Healing: Their campaign emphasized bringing Americans together and healing political divides, appealing to those tired of increased polarization.
  5. Detailed Policies: They presented comprehensive plans for major issues like the pandemic, healthcare, climate change, racial justice, and economic recovery, offering clear alternatives to the previous administration’s policies.
  6. Tech and Media Savvy: To engage voters during the pandemic, they strategically used virtual town halls, digital organizing, and social media.
  7. Winning Back the Midwest: A key to their victory was regaining important Midwest states, the “Blue Wall,” including Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, which had shifted in the 2016 election.
  8. Diverse Voter Support: The campaign drew many supporters, notably young people, women, African Americans, Hispanics, and suburban voters, which was essential for its win.
  9. Global Engagement: They promised to strengthen international ties, planning to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and WHO and restore the U.S.’s global leadership.
  10. Quick Start in Office: Upon entering office, Biden and Harris began working on their agenda, signing executive orders on the pandemic, climate change, racial equity, and economic help.

The strategies, themes, and unprecedented successes of the Biden-Harris 2020 campaign significantly influenced American political direction and set the groundwork for their time in office.

Font and Colors

Biden Harris Emblem

The font used for the label is called Decimal. This is the second thing the designers changed when redesigning the logo for Joe Biden’s single-player campaign (the first was introducing the word “HARRIS”). A bold and slightly flattened sans-serif typeface designed by Hoefler & Co. Her main source of inspiration is the typography of vintage watches.

There are different color versions of the Biden Harris logo. The main option is a blue lettering (# 0A2458 or # 113E88) with a red stylized letter “E” (# FF343E) on a white background. The blue was taken from the Democratic Party symbolism. And this palette also resembles the colors of the US national flag.

Biden Harris color codes

Marian BlueHex color:#003c91
RGB:0 60 145
CMYK:100 59 0 43
Pantone:PMS 661 C
Coral RedHex color:#ff313c
RGB:255 49 60
CMYK:0 81 76 0
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C