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The ticketing company has a simple logo. The Biletix logo makes it clear at a glance: this is a serious organization that does its work responsibly, so it is always accurate. A minimalistic style and easy reading are the basic aspects of the logo.

Biletix: Brand overview

Founder:Dave Dorner and Ali Abhary
Biletix is ​​a Turkish organization that sells and distributes tickets for entertainment events. Since 2006, it has been part of the Ticketmaster group, the world’s leading ticketing company operating in 21 countries. In addition, this service is a member of InterActiveCorp., offering exclusive experiences to its customers. The year of its establishment is 2000. The founders are Dave Dorner and Ali Abhary, with the assistance of Koç Holding and TAG Enterprises.

Meaning and History

Biletix Symbol

This is a relatively young entertainment service from Turkey that appeared at the very beginning of the millennium. It specializes in various events that take place on the country’s territory and offers those who wish to buy tickets. At first, she had few methods for distributing them, and now the network has expanded much. So, Biletix sells tickets through the website and by phone (through a call center), and almost 30 of its outlets are located in all provinces. Thanks to this approach, this organization has become a leading representative of the entertainment world. It has sold almost 3.5 million tickets to the public during its existence.

In addition, Biletix is ​​actively developing the entertainment industry, uniting art lovers around itself. Now, this platform offers customers new experiences. Through its technological know-how and investments, it has become the leader in the Turkish commercial market. The logo chosen by her is direct evidence of their type of activity, high professionalism, the region in which she works, and her complete focus on the entertainment business. She has only one sign of visual identity – strict, business, informational.

What is Biletix?

Biletix is ​​a company from Turkey that sells tickets for various events. Dave Dorner and Ali Abhary founded it with direct support from Koç Holding and TAG Enterprises. The service was opened in 2000, and in 2006 it was taken over by Ticketmaster, becoming its Turkish division.

Biletix uses its name as a logo, so its identity mark is a calling card. He resembles her even in form. The emblem looks like text ungrouped into two lines, left justified. In the top row is the word “biletix.” It is large, expressive, and bold, but in lower case. The letter “e” stands out: its central bend does not close with the opposite side and looks like a hook. The “t” has a diagonal slash at the top, and above the “i,” there is a large square instead of a dot.

The bottom line is occupied by the inscription “ticketmaster Turkey.” The first word in it is in lowercase characters. It indicates the current affiliation of the service – that it is part of the structure of an international organization that sells tickets in 21 countries of the world. The second word is the name of the company’s location, capitalized. It uses thin elongated glyphs. The name Biletix consists of two bases: from the Turkish “bilet,” which means “ticket” in translation, and from the English “tix.”

Font and Colors

Biletix Emblem

The text in the logo is made in several types of fonts, the unifying factor of which is the right-hand slope. In particular, the designers chose the Epoca Pro Medium Italic grotesque with a modified “e” for the inscription “Biletix” (it has an open crossbar). The word “ticketmaster” is written in a typeface similar to Eau Sans Bold Oblique, while “Turkey” is in GoetheGothic Italic, designed by Manfred Klein. In terms of color, everything is static: the basic combination in the emblem is black and white.

Biletix color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C