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The Bitter logo is like a prototype of a car ready to drive on the tracks drawn by the hollow elements of the emblem, in a sign of love for cars, their transformation, and transformation into a work of art.

Bitter: Brand overview

Founder:Erich Bitter
Schwelm, Germany

Bitter is a luxury sports car tuning company based on Opel and Holden production models in collaboration with Intermeccanica, Frua, Ilsa Maggiora, Baur, and Steyr. The Bitter logo appears on the design versions of CD, SC, SC 4WD, CD II, Vero, Bitter Adam, and Mokka X by Bitter.

The founder of the brand started as a racer. And knowing the industry well from 1971 to 1991, he was able to create and successfully implement three unique models of limited series and at least six prototypes and single assemblies. But due to market changes since 1986, he was forced to give up work and returned to it in 2003, releasing tuned versions to this day.

Meaning and History

Bitter Logo History

The logo is full of care and the desire to spin your brainchild. It is a modified metal name of the brand, hovering above the surface. The name of company was named after the founder of the German Erich Bitter, a professional racer.

Reinforced T, like a roof, covers the rest of the letters. She represents:

  • Closed car body. The racing cars of the master were closed and streamlined.
  • Desire to exalt and glorify yourself and your country. Recognition on the tracks, a successful business selling auto parts Erich, was not enough. He dreamed of immortalizing his name in a beautiful racing car. Following the example of one of the best Ferraris at that time, Bitter also wanted an Italian-style car, but the main parts were from the domestic auto industry.
  • Existence of the business only thanks to the founder’s perseverance, enthusiasm, and diligence. Erich was engaged in the development of machines. Not having a factory, he turned to other manufacturers. He worked tirelessly, building sports car after sports car.

What is Bitter?

German car tuning company operating in Germany and Austria. Designer cars are produced mainly based on Opel models and sold in America and Europe. Up to 20 cars are sold annually at a price of 65-120 thousand euros.

Two Ts divide the word into two parts, describing two periods of the brand’s life. The first, the owner designs elite race cars up to 1986 in Germany. Second, it released tuned models after 2003 in Austria.

Font and Colors

Gray is the main color of the logo. Light colors show deep processing and a constant process of improving machines. Gray conveys metal – the main material of the car.

The font of the inscription is heavily transformed. Hollow B and R represent race tracks, while straight elements T and I resemble roads. Merged into one T, they look like a reinforced bumper of a car. The name is like a tuned version of an ordinary word, emphasizing the manufacturer’s direction.

The inscription receives a large shadow and rises above the surface. The reception shows the transformation and significant enhancement of the capabilities of Bitter machines compared to the models taken as a basis.

Bitter color codes

Neon SilverHex color:#cccccc
RGB:204 204 204
CMYK:0 0 0 20
Pantone:PMS 420 C
GrayHex color:#7a7a7a
RGB:122 122 122
CMYK:0 0 0 52
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 9 C