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Bizzarrini: Brand overview

Bizzarrini was founded in 1964 by Giotto Bizzarrini, an experienced engineer who had previously worked for Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and Iso to produce sports cars in Livorno, Italy.

In 1965, the company introduced its first car, the 5300 GT Strada coupe. It was powered by a powerful V8 engine that allowed it to compete in power with Ferrari models. However, production was limited to about 125 examples.

The following year, the company underwent a restructuring and was renamed Bizzarrini SpA. Subsequently, the mid-engined P538S sports prototype was produced. Despite the advanced design, which led to numerous victories, only nine examples were produced.

In addition to producing cars, Bizzarrini carried out engineering projects for other automakers. This included the development of a V12 engine for Lamborghini. However, despite these external projects, Bizzarrini faced financial difficulties.

By 1967, financial problems reached a breaking point, and the company was declared bankrupt. Giotto Bizzarrini attempted to revive the company for a short time, but only a few Bizzarrini cars were produced throughout its existence.

In 1969, Giotto Bizzarrini ceased its car manufacturing activities. Over time, the rights to the Bizzarrini name were purchased by investors in the early 2000s with hopes of reviving the brand.

Several Bizzarrini concept cars appeared in the 2000s and 2010s, but no new models were ever produced. Despite the fact that the company ceased to exist, it has retained its legendary status among Italian sports car enthusiasts.

Today, Bizzarrini models such as the 5300 GT and P538S are highly coveted collectors’ items. Referred to the “golden era” of Italian sports cars of the 1960s, these models can go for more than $1 million each at auction.

Meaning and History

Bizzarrini Logo History

1962 – 1969

Bizzarrini Logo

The Bizzarrini logo contains not only the name of the sports car manufacturer but also its location, the city of Livorno. Both inscriptions are made in the same font but in different registers: the upper text in capital letters, the lower text in lower case. In the center of the red circle between them is a yellow eagle with wings spread wide. The bird’s head is turned to the right and slightly tilted. The image of the eagle is not detailed; it is more of an outline, as it is devoid of any complex features. The emblem is surrounded by a frame with numerous sharp spikes.

The red circle is like a spotlight, making you focus on the amazing yellow eagle inside. The eagle is like the guardian of the car brand, bold but a bit mysterious. The spikes around the logo are like mini shields, creating a sense of reliability and strength. The name of the city is Livorno. The logo seems to say: “This is where our cool cars come from; don’t forget it.”