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In the world of Black Clover, there are several squads of Knights of Magic, and each of them has its own distinctive emblem. The emblem of the Black Bulls is by far the darkest, as it belongs to a team of splinters who are despised and considered troublemakers. Nevertheless, the emblem conveys the strength, fighting spirit, and unity of the members of the group, indicating that there are strong wizards among them.

Black Bulls: Brand Overview

Powerful knights-mages are part of the army of the kingdom of Black Clover. They are obliged to follow the orders of the wizard king and protect the country from external and internal threats. Only the best representatives of society, having passed a difficult exam, join these units. They are considered the chosen heroes, worthy of glory and respect. But there is one squad that is an exception to the rules. This is the “Black Bulls” – a group of misfit wizards whose actions lead to unpredictable consequences. They fulfill the tasks assigned to them, but in doing so, they create new, more serious problems.

Meaning and History

Black Bulls Emblem

The emblem of the Black Bulls distinguishes this squad from others. The mages wear it on the left side of their cloak as an identifying mark that denotes their belonging to the squad. The emblem correlates with the name of the group, as it depicts a stylized bull’s head. This powerful animal symbolizes the strength, courage, and determination needed to complete tasks. Another nuance: when attacking, “bulls” often act collectively under the leadership of a dominant figure. This reflects the unity and solidarity of team members who join forces.

What are Black Bulls?

The Black Bulls are one of the squad of knights of magic in the Black Clover manga and anime. The main character of the franchise, a boy named Asta, who has no magical abilities, dreams of becoming the Wizard King and joins this squad. The squad consists of more than ten people, led by Yami Sukehiro. They live in a headquarters located in the forest and wear their trademark black and gold cloaks. Like the rest of the squad, the Black Bulls are tasked by the Wizard King to protect the kingdom of Black Clover. In return, they receive stars, though their rating is reduced due to destructive behavior.

The emblem is an image of a bull skull, with the bones separated by thin lines. Notably, the horns are bent downward rather than upward. Between them on the forehead is a five-pointed star – a reference to the stars that the Knights of Magic receive for successful completion of tasks. The skull is crowned with a three-pointed lily-shaped figure, and two similar figures are painted on the sides. The rest of the skull looks traditional: he has a long nose, wide forehead, large eye sockets, and nostrils.

Probably, the creators of the emblem drew inspiration from an ancient decorative motif known as bukraniya. This pattern emerged in prehistoric times and became especially popular during the Italian Renaissance. The creators of the Black Clover adapted it to associate it with the activities of the Black Bulls and enclosed it in a wide gold frame outlined with black lines.

Font and Colors

Black Bulls Symbol

Like all other Magic Knights squads, the Black Bulls does not use any text in its emblem. Its name is represented solely by a drawing. As for the color palette of the emblem, it corresponds to the team’s corporate colors and includes a combination of black and gold. The designers have achieved an aging effect by covering the dark part of the image with uneven spots and scuffs with a subtle red tint.