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The Black Flag logo is a counterbalance to the white flag that is raised upon surrender. So – the members of the hardcore punk band have no intention of surrendering. They want to act in the interest of their position, which is why they have been repeatedly revived “from the ashes.” Eventually, their purposefulness led them to a high level of international fame.

Black Flag: Brand overview

Founded:1976–1986, 2003, 2013–2014, 2019–present
Founder:Greg Ginn
Hermosa Beach, California, U.S.
A black Flag is a musical group from the USA which became the ancestor of hardcore punk. She had a huge influence on all subsequent bands that performed in the style of grunge, rock, and metal. The ensemble appeared in Hermosa Beach, California, in 1976 and was originally called Panic. Its founder is guitarist Greg Ginn. He is also a key figure, a permanent member of all compositions, and the main songwriter. The group broke up several times and revived the same number of times, announcing the continuation of creative activity. Her last reunion took place in 2019.

Meaning and History

Black Flag Logo History

This musical group was born thanks to the perseverance of Greg Ginn, who was inspired by the first album of the punk band Ramones. His original atmosphere, interesting timbre, and repertoire orientation strongly influenced the guitarist. But even in 1977, the lineup was never fully completed. In addition to Greg, the band was represented by Brian Migdol (drummer) and Keith Morris (vocalist). But there was no bass player: different people alternately took his place. One of them later created a hard punk rock identity and did album covers. This is the brother of Greg Ginn, who took the pseudonym Raymond Pettibon. Often, the bass guitar part was taken by the founder of Black Flag, which contributed to the development of the band’s signature low sound.

In 1986, the musicians dispersed, and the band broke up. But the collapse was not final: creative activity resumed in 2003. However, not for long, because the team broke up again a few years later. A second attempt at revival came in 2013. This time the joint work lasted a little over a year. It was then that the musicians recorded their debut studio compilation, What The… (it was released for the first time in 20 years). The third reunion is dated January 2019, when newcomers appeared on the team.

What is a Black Flag?

Black Flag is an American band that started the hardcore punk genre. It was created in 1976 under the name Panic in Hermosa Beach, California. Its founder is Greg Ginn, guitarist, songwriter, and member of all lineups. The group broke up and rebuilt several times. The last reunion took place in 2019.

Black Flag Symbol

The key factor in the Black Flag style is minimalism. It is present in everything: short songs, uncomplicated melodies, and a simple logo. At the same time, it carries a powerful charge of energy, which had a huge impact on the brutal forms of metal and the progress of punk rock. This alignment explains that the group has only one sign of visual identity, but it is extremely dark, without an admixture of flashy colors.

According to the concept of hard punk rockers, the band’s logo is minimalistic. It contains four simple geometric shapes placed vertically. These are long black rectangles that are slightly shifted about each other: the first and third ones go beyond the upper frames, and the second and fourth ones go beyond the lower ones. However, at the same time, they are identical in size. The distance between them is incredibly small and is represented by thin white stripes. The rest of the space is occupied by columnar elements.

The musical group’s name is placed non-standard: one word is at the top, and the second is at the bottom. They are characterized by the presence of dark bold letters, where “L” and “A” are closely connected. The characters located next to each other are single, separated from neighboring characters. The inscriptions are in capital letters with small sharp serifs.

Font and Colors

Black Flag Emblem

The musicians opted for a printed grotesque. It is clear, simple, and clear. In appearance, such glyphs are close to the Deadhead Rough Regular typeface from Twicolabs. Another suitable option for them is Modesto Poster by Parkinson Type Design. Everything is very clear according to the color palette: it is monochrome. The combination of black and white helps the musicians achieve the desired effect – powerful hardcore punk.

Black Flag color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C