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Blue1 logo embodies a unique blend of visual elements, drawing from both the simplistic and the geometric, creating an iconic representation of the aviation transport company.

Typography and Color Contrast: The logo presents the brand name in delicate, thin letters shaded in grey. Though appearing standard, the font carries a touch of asymmetry, lending a modern twist to the wordmark.

Geometric Intricacy: Contrasting with the simplicity of the word “Blue,” the numeral “1” stands out in its construct. It’s not the typical representation of the digit. It captures attention with its definitive geometric form, composed of seven blue squares.

The message of Professionalism: The numeral’s structured appearance is not merely a design choice; it conveys the brand’s rigorous and business-oriented approach in the aviation transport sector. It suggests precision, consistency, and a meticulous approach – qualities vital for a company responsible for transporting passengers through the skies.

Blue Squares’ Significance: Blue, a color often associated with depth, trust, and stability, reinforces the brand’s promise of reliability. Using seven distinct squares to form a numeral underscores the brand’s innovative design approach and commitment to standing out.

Duality in Design: By combining two distinct design languages – the simplistic typography of “Blue” and the geometric rigidity of “1”, the emblem illustrates the company’s capability to merge traditional values with innovative solutions.

The Blue1 logo provides a visual narrative of the brand’s core principles. Its duality in design is a testament to the brand’s ability to balance the old with the new, showcasing its grounded roots and forward-thinking vision in the competitive field of aviation transport.

Blue1: Brand overview

Founded: 1987 – 2016
Founder: CityJet
Vantaa, Finland

Between 1987 and 2016, Blue1 was an airline based in Finland known for its short-haul passenger services within the Scandinavian region. With its central base located at Helsinki Airport, the company has expanded its reach, establishing additional bases across Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

The airline’s journey started as a subsidiary of CityJet in Ireland, only to transition into Finnish ownership in 1992. It catered to domestic and international routes, connecting Finland to various locations across Scandinavia, the Baltic region, and Russia. Over the years, Blue1 maintained a Boeing and Avro RJ aircraft fleet.

In 1998, Blue1 experienced a major turning point when it was bought by SAS Scandinavian Airlines, subsequently operating as a regional subsidiary. However, in 2016, SAS decided to incorporate Blue1’s operations into its framework, ending the separate existence of the Blue1 brand after nearly three decades.

At the height of its operation, Blue1 had an annual passenger turnover of more than 3 million and a workforce of approximately 1,100. The increasing competition from budget airlines like Norwegian significantly influenced the decision to absorb Blue1 into SAS’s operations.

Meaning and History

Blue1 Logo History

1988 – 2004

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2004 – 2016

Blue1 Logo