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In a world full of emblems, we sometimes forget that behind them is a long and sometimes incredible history. An example is the Bluetooth logo. It has become so closely intertwined with modern life that we don’t even notice its presence, even if we use this technology every day. Its unique symbol is a given that simply exists, like air, sun, or water…

Bluetooth: Brand overview

Founded:7 May 1998
Founder:Bluetooth Special Interest Group
Washington, U.S.
Bluetooth is a technology for wireless signal transmission within a small radius. It works on stationary equipment and most types of mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, consoles, and other gadgets, with data exchange functionality. The standard was developed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and launched in the spring of 1998.

Meaning and History

Bluetooth Logo History

Names with a history intrigue and attract attention. This idea immediately came to the minds of the creators of wireless connection technology. Therefore, they unanimously decided to settle on a word that was the name of a working project. It was proposed in 1997 by Intel engineer Jim Kardach. After meeting Sven Mattisson from Ericsson in a local pub over a pint of beer, he became interested in King Harald Bluetooth, whom his conversation partner told him about after reading the book “The Longships.”

Upon returning home, Kardach learned that this ruler had once managed to unite disparate territories into a single country, establishing connections between them. This technology has followed a similar path. Initially, it was conceived as a replacement for wires that usually stretch everywhere and get tangled underfoot. It then grew into a high standard capable of boasting enormous capabilities. The system connects computers to printers, phones to cars, and so on. Thus, the associative connection between Emperor Harald, who united armies, and the cutting-edge connection technology that links various devices can indeed be traced.

In other words, the Bluetooth brand is known not only for its unique name and progressive functionality but also for the deep thread between its hidden meaning and real capabilities. The name, which is already thousands of years old, still conveys a sense of ancient historical heritage, as it is not just a copied term. It infuses meaning into the existence of the technology company and demonstrates its high working abilities. The people behind such a name wanted to think outside the box, as they even encrypted it in the logo, which is nothing more than signs borrowed from magical runes.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a modern wireless communication standard between digital devices for transmitting and receiving various files. The technology developer is the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. The time of implementation is 1998.

1998 – Today

The Bluetooth emblem consists of a graphic image and printed text. The designers borrowed the first letter from the name to combine the entire corporate identity into a single whole. They inadvertently invested enormous meaning into the symbolism – as deep and ancient as the brand name itself. Therefore, we observe complete conceptual unity of the drawn and verbal elements here.

The similarity to “B” is not the only thing the logo authors sought. The graphic symbol consists of two triangles placed one above the other, which directly resembles the initial letter of the wireless connection technology name. But what about the protruding “antennas”? On the left are indeed drawn the antennas of a communication receiver. Moreover, it is a disguised rune “H,” which harmoniously complements the runic “B.” Both glyphs are part of the Younger Futhark and are called Bjarkan (ᛒ) and Hagall (ᚼ). They convey the name and nickname of the 10th-century Danish king Harald Bluetooth Gormsson.

As for why he was nicknamed “blue-toothed,” it remains unknown. Some historians mention a tooth affected by caries, while others speak of the king’s love for blueberries, a forest berry that leaves a dark blue trail. Regardless, one of these factors led to the appearance of the word “Bluetooth,” which later became the name of the advanced communication standard and the basis of its logo. The background of the geometric figure is a vertical oval.

Font and Colors

The Bluetooth emblem features the Gothic Medium Condensed typeface – a grotesque, bold font created by typographer Steve Jackaman and first published by Red Rooster. The thick lines and narrow contours of the letters also resemble glyphs from the Neue Plak Condensed Bold font.

The color palette of the logo, of course, is blue, as indicated in the name. If the icon is white, the oval is painted in this color. Alternatively, the blue design is placed on a neutral white background. The inscription is usually black. Together, they symbolize seriousness, professionalism, reliability, and confidence in the future.

Bluetooth color codes

AzureHex color:#0182fc
RGB:1 130 252
CMYK:100 489 0 1
Pantone:PMS 2727 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C