BMW i Logo


The BMW i logo is futuristic and modern. Through its colors, the emblem connects the manufacturer to the main company. The logo embodies duality: hybrid vehicles utilize external and internal energy sources.

BMW I: Brand overview

In 2007, the BMW Group embarked on an ambitious journey by launching “Project i” to pioneer sustainable mobility and electric vehicle technology.

Four years later, in 2011, the company officially established BMW i as a specialized subsidiary. The company’s main goal was to create an ecosystem of electric vehicle (EV) mobility services and solutions.

That same year, BMW i unveiled its first model, the i3 all-electric compact sedan. Launched in 2013, the i3 featured an innovative carbon fiber construction and an electric motor with optional range extender.

2013, the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car was introduced to continue innovation. The i8 embodies advances in lightweight construction and hybrid drive technology.

In 2014, the first BMW i flagship store opened in London, where potential customers could test-drive the innovative ConnectedDrive technology.

Two years later, BMW launched the “ReachNow” car-sharing service, and in 2016, the “ChargeNow” electric vehicle charging service, operating under the BMW i brand.

By 2020, the lineup was expanded with the BMW iX3, an all-electric SUV based on the X3 SUV but with an electric motor.

In 2021, BMW i expanded its horizons by introducing the i4 sedan and iX SUV. These additions further emphasized the company’s growing commitment to its electric vehicle strategy.

By 2022, BMW had distributed more than 350,000 electrified BMW i vehicles worldwide. Looking to the future, the BMW Group has set an ambitious goal of reaching the 2 million unit sales mark for electric vehicles by 2025.

Meaning and History

BMW I Logo History

2011 – 2020

BMW I Logo 2011

From 2011 to 2020, BMW i introduced its first emblem, reflecting the brand’s shift towards manufacturing electric vehicles. The emblem was made of metal with exceptionally rounded corners, symbolizing technical perfection and the company’s innovative approach. This design emphasized the modern character of BMW i vehicles and conveyed the purity and smoothness associated with advanced technologies.

The emblem’s unusual shape illustrated the innovative approach to the design and functionality of the vehicles. Particularly notable was the letter “i,” designed as a slit. This element was visually striking and carried a deep symbolic meaning. The slit was reminiscent of a fuel tank opening, traditionally used in combustion engine vehicles. In the context of BMW’s electric vehicles, this element transformed into a slot connecting an electric cable, highlighting the brand’s focus on eco-friendly technologies and support for the plug-in electric transport concept.

Additionally, the tilt of the symbol in the emblem further enhanced the sense of dynamism and forward movement. This visual trick hinted at the smoothness and silence of the electric vehicles’ movement and the company’s commitment to progress and innovation in automobile manufacturing.

2020 – today

BMW I Logo

The BMW i sub-brand has a distinctive logo that is different from the parent company’s emblem. It features a wide parallelogram set at an angle, giving it a dynamic and modern look. The parallelogram has two pointed corners and two rounded ones, blending sharpness with smoothness. The design uses color strategically, with the left third in dark blue and the rest in gray.

A lowercase “i” is subtly integrated into the negative space on the right side, symbolizing the brand’s focus on electric vehicles. This letter matches the background, maintaining a cohesive look. The simple form of the “i” complements the geometric style of the logo.

The logo invites curiosity, resembling a mysterious box. The angled parallelogram suggests motion and intrigue, drawing viewers in. The sharp, rounded corners create a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary design elements. The dark blue segment evokes the ocean’s depth at night, rich with possibilities.

The lowercase “i” in the negative space adds an element of surprise and discovery, symbolizing innovation. The design’s subtle complexity and clever use of space communicate sophistication and forward-thinking.

This logo captures BMW’s sub-brand identity through thoughtful design and striking visuals. The angled parallelogram, with its mix of sharp and smooth edges, creates a memorable image. The dark blue and gray colors enhance the modern appearance, while the hidden “i” adds intrigue. The design effectively conveys the brand’s commitment to electric mobility and cutting-edge technology, fitting the sub-brand’s values and vision.