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BMW I: Brand overview

In 2007, the BMW Group embarked on an ambitious journey by launching “Project i” to pioneer sustainable mobility and electric vehicle technology.

Four years later, in 2011, the company officially established BMW i as a specialized subsidiary. The company’s main goal was to create an ecosystem of electric vehicle (EV) mobility services and solutions.

That same year, BMW i unveiled its first model, the i3 all-electric compact sedan. Launched in 2013, the i3 featured an innovative carbon fiber construction and an electric motor with optional range extender.

In 2013, the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car was introduced as a continuation of innovation. The i8 embodies advances in lightweight construction and hybrid drive technology.

In 2014, the first BMW i flagship store was opened in London, where potential customers could take a test drive and experience the innovative ConnectedDrive technology.

Two years later, BMW launched the “ReachNow” car-sharing service, and in 2016, the “ChargeNow” electric vehicle charging service, operating under the BMW i brand.

By 2020, the lineup was expanded with the BMW iX3, an all-electric SUV based on the X3 SUV but with an electric motor.

In 2021, BMW i expanded its horizons with the introduction of the i4 sedan and iX SUV. These additions further emphasized the company’s growing commitment to its electric vehicle strategy.

By 2022, BMW has distributed more than 350,000 electrified BMW i vehicles worldwide. Looking to the future, the BMW Group has set an ambitious goal: to reach the 2 million unit sales mark for electric vehicles by 2025.

Meaning and History

BMW I Logo History

2011 – 2020

BMW I Logo 2011

2020 – today

BMW I Logo

The sub-brand of the world-famous automobile manufacturer BMW has a unique logo that has nothing in common with the emblem of the parent company. Its symbol is a wide parallelogram located at an angle. Two corners are pointed, and two are rounded. One-third of the geometric figure (on the left) is painted in dark blue, and the rest of it is in gray. On the right side of the negative space, the lowercase letter “i” is clearly visible, symbolizing the plug-in electric car line. The single flat letter is in the same style as the background on which it sits.

The logo resembles a mysterious box. It is tilted as if to say, “Hey, take a closer look at me; I’m not who you think I am.” The sharp and rounded corners give it an interesting look like it’s a mix of old school and new stuff. The dark blue color is reminiscent of the ocean at night, deep and full of the unknown. And is that letter “i” hidden in the corner? It’s like a secret code or a hidden message telling you that it’s more than just a letter; it’s something much cooler.