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The Bobcat logo looks sinister, but the company does not do anything so mystical – it produces construction and agricultural machinery. The graphic sign symbolizes power, strength, and aggression. It also shows the company’s desire to innovate.

Bobcat: Brand overview

West Fargo, North Dakota, U.S.

Bobcat is a manufacturer of compact, small-sized equipment for construction and farming. Headquarters in Dakota and Dobris. Belongs to the Korean holding Doosan Infracor. The Bobcat logo is well known in 75 countries and distributed through 900 of the company’s dealers.

The company began history in 1947 as the Melroy manufacturing company, named after inventor Edward Melroy. He invented and launched the production of devices for agriculture. Fifteen years later, after the founder’s death, his children used the developments of the Keller brothers, reorganizing themselves into the production of loaders, which brought fame and a new name to the company.

Meaning and History

Bobcat Logo History

The company’s logo was changed three times in search of an image that best matched the name.

What is Bobcat?

American manufacturer of small excavators and lifts, founded in 1947.

1947 – 1962

Bobcat Logo 1947

The first logo could have been more original. The name is in white letters in a black oval, reminiscent of a sign or a sign at the entrance to the office.

Melroy attachments have been designed for planting and harvesting applications. Therefore, the black background is a prototype of the earth.

White letters are a symbol of easing hard work. For an emigrant from Norway, they reminded them of the cold and snow of their native country. Unusual uneven type, like clods of earth that spring harrows designed by Melrow harrowed.

However, for uninformed potential customers, the logo needed to convey more information that gave an understanding of what the company was offering.

1962 – 1972

Bobcat Logo 1962

In 1955, the founder of the plant died. Management passed to his children, and the enterprise concept was gradually revised. The new owners immediately changed the list of manufactured goods, and in 1962 they changed the company’s name. This resulted in a change to the logo.

The previous visual sign with the same name was left as a small oval on the left side of the composition. And from it to the right moved a more extensive white oval with a black border. Inside is a red image of a lynx and a signature in bold black capital letters with the new Bobcat name.

Such a composition made it clear that another, more promising and large, had developed from an existing company. Its products make life much easier for workers, as evidenced by the changing background.

The word Bobcat in translation means “lynx.” So the people began to call the first mini-loader that came off the company’s assembly line. The nickname reflects its small size, speed, agility, and strength. The car allowed moving in tight spaces and rearranging loads. At the same time, lightweight was suitable for use on the mountain.

The jumping red lynx was the focus of the new logo design. The animal indicated an aggressive takeover of the market, a significant leap forward. The red color was associated with the speed of technology. She is fast as fire.

Bold, large letters of the name attracted attention so that it was well remembered. They showed the confident position of the new brand, as the company’s offer was the best on the market in its segment.

1972 – 2001

Bobcat Logo 1972

In 1969, the company was acquired by Clark Equipment and began the modernization of production and rebranding.

The emblem was simplified by removing the first logo. The name Bobcat is located in the lower right corner of the composition. All letters of the inscription have become lowercase, which hints at the diminutiveness of the models. The roundness of the letters conveys the resemblance to wheels, and the absence of sharp corners indicates the maneuverability of the loaders. They were distinguished by the ability not to collide with corners and obstacles, even in tight spaces.

From the upper left corner, the muzzle of a grinning lynx looks at the inscription. The animal is not directly related to the company’s products but is the visual mascot of the company, and the nickname Bobcat by that time, was fixed in America for all miniature loaders.

The logo looks like the lynx is about to jump out of its hiding place. She has a lot of energy, and she is strong and fast. It is these characteristics that distinguish the manufacturer’s technique.

2001 – today

Bobcat Logo

Bobcat is teaming up with Czech excavator firm Superstav to launch mini excavators in 2002. While expanding the list of products, we also worked on the logo.

The lynx’s head was lowered right in front of the name. The firm has grown so much that it deserves no longer to be looked down upon. The composition shows that, at first, the models resembled a predator, and a nickname was invented, and only then the name of the company was changed.

The name is capitalized, indicating that Bobcat has become a big business known around the world. The close arrangement of letters in the inscription hints at the compactness of the technique.

Font and Colors

Bobcat Emblem

The logo is built on the contrast of black and white.

  • Black is a symbol of earth, hard work, and the strength and power of Bobcat equipment.
  • White – indicates the light weight and maneuverability of the machines, a significant simplification of work when using them. The color is also used to color many of the firm’s models and symbolizes purity and sterility. The machines work “jewelry” neatly and leave behind a clean workplace.

Bobcat Symbol

The lettering font is similar to the Bahnschrift SemiBold Condensed.

Bobcat color codes

Dark CharcoalHex color:#2c2c2c
RGB:44 44 44
CMYK:0 0 0 83
Pantone:PMS 426 C