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Boise State Broncos Logo

Boise State Broncos Logo
Boise State Broncos Logo PNG

Boise State Broncos is a 20-team sports department owned by Boise State University from Boise, Idaho. The department, like the university, has existed since 1932. Curt Apsey leads the sports department. The division is a member of the NCAA Division I (FBS) and is part of Conference Mountain West. Among the faculty’s most successful sports disciplines are football, basketball (male and female teams), baseball, and tennis.

Meaning and History

Boise State Broncos Logo History
Evolution of the Boise State Broncos Logo

The logo of 1974 is based on the image of a horse, which is the mascot of the teams (now his name is Buster Bronco). The animal stands on its hind legs, demonstrating a fighting character, a spirit of struggle and determination. It is located on the background of a white map of Idaho, outlined by a double outline. In the lower-left corner is the abbreviated name of the university – BSU (Boise State University). The horse’s body is brown, mane, tail, and shadows are blue. In this version, the emblem lasted until 2001.

In 2002, another version appeared, more concise, on which there is only the head and withers of the horse. The animal’s eyes are formidable, as evidenced by white eyes. The mane is thrown back, as if during a rapid run. Below is the phrase “Boise State,” made in capital white letters. It is no longer in the modern logo: only a close-up image of the mascot remains.

1974 – 2001

Boise State Broncos Logo 1974-2001

2002 – 2012

Boise State Broncos Logo 2002-2012

2013 – present

Boise State Broncos Logo 2013-Present

Boise State Broncos Football

Boise State Broncos emblem

The university football team is part of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl. She is a member of Conference Mountain West. Spends home games in the arena of Albertsons Stadium.

Boise State Broncos Basketball

Boise State Broncos symbol

Both basketball teams compete at the Conference Mountain West and perform at the ExtraMile Arena home sports complex. Leon Rice coaches the men’s team, the women’s team – Gordy Presnell.