Bombardier Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Bombardier Logo New

Bombardier, an aircraft manufacturer from Quebec, Canada, has introduced a new logo and brand identity designed by Lippincott. This update aligns Bombardier’s visual identity with its aviation business and prestigious heritage.

Founded in 1942, Bombardier has evolved from marketing snowmobiles to manufacturing aircraft. The company has streamlined its operations to focus on business jets and aircraft for government, defense, and humanitarian efforts.

The Bombardier new logo, inspired by the legacy of the Learjet, acquired by Bombardier in 1990, features an aircraft silhouette breaking the sound barrier. This symbolizes the company’s innovative spirit. Dynamic strokes of wind over the aircraft nod to the Learjet brand, reflecting precision in manufacturing and a welcoming, customer-focused experience.

Bombardier Logo Evolution

The wordmark uses the Trust 3A Bold typeface by MCKL. This modern and approachable typeface moves away from the all-caps style of the previous logo. Proper noun capitalization, with a more grounded “d” and a single-story “a,” adds personality and modernity. These adjustments embody the precision and sophistication of Bombardier’s manufacturing capabilities.

Vibrant colors, especially Bombardier’s signature yellow, add energy to the brand. The color palette is designed to stand out and create a memorable visual impression. Gradients and light flares add depth and motion, symbolizing the brand’s forward-thinking approach.

Bombardier Logo Old

The new logomark replaces the previous gear symbol, representing a plane, an arrow, or a feather. This sleek icon is versatile enough to be used as a standalone element in social media and other digital applications, enhancing the brand’s adaptability and contemporary appeal.

Bombardier Symbol

The rebranding process involved a workshop at Bombardier’s headquarters, exploring the brand’s heritage and strategy. This hands-on approach helped align the teams around a shared vision, ensuring the new identity remains true to Bombardier’s legacy while appealing to modern audiences.

The new identity emphasizes the customer experience. The visual system is fluid and organic yet engineered, reflecting precision craftsmanship and a warm, welcoming experience. Messaging and visual elements focus on the customer, highlighting Bombardier’s elevated experience.