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The Boom Technology logo creates a sense of futuristic speed and innovation. It makes you think that this is not just another airplane ride but a leap into what flying will become. Simple and forward-looking, it symbolizes the next big thing in how we will travel the skies.

Boom Technology: Brand overview

Boom Supersonic, an aerospace company, was founded in 2014. This innovative company, based in the United States, sought to make supersonic flight commonplace with the help of Boom’s state-of-the-art technology.

Inspired by the legacy of the legendary Concorde airplane, former Amazon executive Blake Scholl envisioned a revival of fast and luxurious air travel. The early retirement of Concorde in 2003 for financial and safety reasons was the catalyst for Scholl’s desire to revive supersonic flight.

In 2016, Boom Supersonic unveiled its first XB-1 prototype. The predecessor to the Overture supersonic passenger airliner on the third scale, the XB-1, was to demonstrate that supersonic flight was not a relic of the past but a reality made possible by modern technology. The XB-1 was tasked with exploring the aerodynamic characteristics of supersonic flight, laying the groundwork for the future of aviation.

In 2017, Boom Supersonic further inscribed its name in the annals of aviation history with a significant investment of $33 million from Japan Airlines to develop the Overture supersonic passenger airliner. Capable of carrying 65 to 88 passengers at speeds of Mach 1.7, the Overture is set to revolutionize the way we think about air travel.

2018 marked another milestone for Boom Supersonic when Richard Branson’s Virgin Group announced a strategic partnership. This landmark agreement includes Virgin’s commitment to acquire a fleet of Overture airliners and provide Boom Supersonic with technical and financial assistance, heralding a new chapter of innovation and progress in aviation.

Meaning and History

Boom Technology Logo History

What is Boom Technology?

Boom Technology, trading as Boom Supersonic, is an American company that seeks to usher in a new era in aviation by developing a supersonic airliner with a speed of Mach 1.7 and a seating capacity of 65-88 passengers. This endeavor embodies the desire to transcend the barriers of time and distance, which has always been the essence of aviation.

Founded on the ambition to change the perception of air travel, the company has been steadfastly pursuing its goal since its inception. They envision a future where fast, affordable, and efficient supersonic flight is available to all. Through their engineering prowess and commitment to pushing boundaries, the company is at the forefront of this transformation.

2014 – 2018

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2018 – today

Boom Technology Logo

The logo of the American aerospace company is a complex composition with an abstract image of a flying bird. It resembles a frame-by-frame photograph, capturing all the stages of the wing flapping. As a result, the emblem of Boom Technology looks like a symbol consisting of many lines arranged in the form of a fan. These lines have the same length but different widths, as some of them are turned sideways. Next is the company name, typed in a simple upper case font. Although the letters are three-dimensional, they are spaced far apart, giving the text an airy feel.

The fan-shaped arrangement of lines conveys the dynamics of flight and gives the emblem a sense of engineering precision, which is very important for the aerospace industry. The choice of a simple uppercase font for the company name balances the complexity of the emblem, making it easier to see and recognize. The large spacing between the letters gives the emblem an airy and airy atmosphere, emphasizing the company’s focus on aerospace technology.

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