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The Boss Baby logo symbolizes power, confidence, and superiority. It reflects the main character’s ambition for leadership and his business approach to life. However, the emblem’s elements of childhood remind us that even in the adult world, there is room for playfulness and spontaneity.

Boss Baby: Brand overview

The first Boss Baby movie was released in 2017. It was produced by DreamWorks Animation and scripted by Michael McCullers, who adapted Marla Frazee’s book for the screen. The main character is an infant, voiced by Alec Baldwin, aspiring to a leadership position in a baby-making company. The story continued in 2021. Additionally, many short animated films and TV series dedicated to the original universe were created. All these are part of the larger Boss Baby media franchise.

Meaning and History

Boss Baby Logo History

The Boss Baby logo is an important tool in promoting the franchise. It is used on merchandise, posters, websites, advertising materials, and other information carriers, enhancing the recognizability of the films. The memorable image of a baby, encoded in the letters “O” and “A,” captures the audience’s attention. The long tie is associated with leadership, highlighting the main character’s life philosophy. The emblem conveys the essence of the main character – a combination of childlike spontaneity with adult ambitions.

What is Boss Baby?

Boss Baby is a media franchise based on the eponymous 2017 animated film, which is an adaptation of Marla Frazee’s book. It’s a project of the American studio DreamWorks Animation. The story’s plot spans a lengthy period, from Ted’s birth to his adulthood. The main characters live in a fantastical world where a company produces babies. However, not all of them end up in families, as it turns out that even among children, there are careerists in business suits.


The Boss Baby Logo 2017

While creating the animated film Boss Baby, the development team took care of its logo. The designers presented the project’s name as a two-level inscription, where the letters “O” and “A” form the silhouette of the main character. In the negative space inside “O,” a head with ears is depicted. In turn, “A” looks like a torso with legs. The small white tie hints that the child in the film wears a suit and aspires to career growth.

The letters in both lines are connected, facilitated by the wide, bold font. The blue gradient and gray shadows make the emblem look three-dimensional. Above the phrase, there’s a small article, “THE.” In the top right corner is the DreamWorks logo, consisting of two elements: the studio’s name and the famous icon of a fisherman sitting on the moon.


Boss Baby Logo

In 2021, a sequel named The Boss Baby: Family Business was released. Its creators developed a logo similar to the emblem of the first animated film. But there are a few differences.

  1. Under the words “BOSS BABY,” there is no common gray shadow because there’s an additional line “FAMILY BUSINESS” below. The letter color resembles gold, and the two “S” at the end look like dollar signs. This hints at the career growth theme that concerns the main character.
  2. The white face and tie, depicted inside “O” and “A,” are outlined on the edges with thin yellow lines. This makes them stand out more against the glyphs.
  3. The “DreamWorks” inscription is still located in the top right corner, but it no longer has the famous studio symbol – the fisherman sitting on the moon.

Minor details have been changed. The designers did this to enhance clarity and improve the logo’s perception.

Font and Colors

Boss Baby Emblem

The animated film’s title consists of bold, sans-serif letters. A unique set of glyphs was created specifically for Boss Baby, hence the unconventional shape of “A” and “O,” which combined to form the silhouette of a child. The logo contains the textual sign of the DreamWorks studio. The inscription is made in the brand’s font with long serifs.

Boss Baby Symbol

Due to the blue gradient, the emblem appears three-dimensional. This is an attempt at marketing appeal to children, who are the primary audience. The phrase “FAMILY BUSINESS” is colored gold because it is associated with wealth. The color palette symbolizes dynamism, energy, and activity, which matches the character of the main protagonist.