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Cloud content management and file sharing for business is a simple yet powerful logo. The Box logo symbolizes the stability of development, the importance of offerings, the constancy of demand, and the preservation of recognition.

Box: Brand overview

Founder:Aaron Levie, Dylan Smith
Redwood City, California, U.S.
Box Inc. is an American internet company with cloud storage and file hosting functions. It was founded in 2005 by University of Southern California student Aaron Levie, who was later joined by his childhood friend Dylan Smith. The company now specializes in content sharing and cloud file management services. Its headquarters are located in Redwood City, California (USA).

Meaning and History

Logo Box

The foundation of the future company was a student project by Aaron Levie when he was studying at university. Realizing that his idea could become an excellent business plan, he dropped out of university, created the company, and became its CEO. The former student became the CEO, and he offered the position of financial manager to his longtime friend.

In 2009, after four years of operation, the internet service made a profitable acquisition – it bought the company Increo Solutions. This is a startup for cloud storage and document exchange. The program is built on the principle of shared access with viewing through a browser. Now, applications and official clients are adapted for several platforms: Windows, macOS, and mobile versions.

What is Box?

Box is an American company founded in 2005 by entrepreneurs Dylan Smith and Aaron Levie. Its main activity is the creation and sale of cloud technologies for content management and collaboration. The company develops software that allows users to access folders online and remotely work with files.

In 2012, the startup attracted many investors who invested serious money in it, ensuring a successful start. This was followed by a series of promising purchases and mergers that influenced the image of the internet service. It is now a developed company offering the possibility of remote file work in several schemes: Personal, Business, and Enterprise. Stable development and constant demand have led to the service not changing its logo for many years – always to be recognizable and remain in the sight of customers.

Box: Interesting Facts

Box, Inc. is a company that helps people and businesses keep their files online so they can get to them from anywhere. It started in 2005 and has grown a lot since then.

  1. How It Started: Two college students, Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith, started Box while still in school. They wanted to make it easy for everyone to store and share their stuff online.
  2. Growing Fast: Box got popular quickly and got money from investors to help it grow. It moved to a bigger office and kept attracting more customers because many people needed a place to store their files online.
  3. Focusing on Big Companies: Box was initially for anyone and small businesses, but then they saw that big companies needed a good way to store files and work together. So, they started focusing on helping those big companies.
  4. Cool Features: Box has been improving its service by adding features like better search, safe ways to share files, tools to work on projects together, and controls so businesses can keep their files safe.
  5. Keeping Files Safe: Box knows that keeping files safe is super important, especially for big companies that follow certain rules. So, they’ve worked hard to ensure their service is secure and follows laws like GDPR and HIPAA.
  6. Working with Other Companies: Box works with big tech companies like Google and Microsoft. This lets Box users use Box with other apps, like Office 365 and Google Workspace, making their work easier.
  7. Innovation Conference: Every year, Box holds a big meeting called BoxWorks, where people discuss the future of storing files online and how new tech like AI can help businesses.
  8. Used All Over the World: Today, many people, including most of the biggest companies, use Box to handle their files, showing how much Box has grown.

Box started as a school project but has become a big deal online. It helps people and companies keep their files safe and work together better, no matter where they are.

Font and Colors

Box Emblem

The signage of the individual storage hosting is based on its name and concept, as a box is a temporary place to store business papers that will later be in demand. Therefore, it unobtrusively symbolizes collaborative work with content – that files can be passed on to each other, invite users to view them, edit, and share documents.

For this, the designers stylized the first two letters of the word “box”: they connected them, creating a likeness of eyes, binocular lenses, or glass frames. To clearly emphasize the idea, they removed the left lower protrusion at “b,” round it, and brought the adjacent “o” as close as possible.

As a result, “bo” is perceived separately from “x,” which also has to round. Thanks to this technique, it looks like a plus sign (+) tilted to the side. That is, the last letter also emphasizes the concept of inviting users to explore files jointly.

The logo uses an individual font. It was created specifically for this brand to represent the company and its idea. All letters are lowercase, smooth, and chopped. They have rounded internal and external elements – both the spaces between the letters and the protruding parts. The color palette is uniform and consists of light blue (letters) and white (background).

Box color codes

Bright Navy BlueHex color:#0061d5
RGB:0 97 213
CMYK:100 54 0 16
Pantone:PMS 2728 C