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The Bratz logo conveys the atmosphere of a children’s kingdom for princesses. The emblem contains information about beautiful outfits, balls, and joint games. Each community member is a real star who can immerse herself in the special world of a fairy tale.

Bratz: Brand overview

Founder:Carter Bryant
United States
Bratz dolls were a serious competitor to Barbie, who has been the queen of the toy market since 1959. They appeared in 2001 and instantly became popular because girls could realize their passion for fashion with them. Bratz is now an entire franchise owned by MGA Entertainment. Under it, the manufacturer produces various entertainment products, including video games, videotapes, and TV series.

Meaning and History

Bratz Logo History

The line of dolls brought not only fame to its creator but also many problems. It was invented by Carter Bryant, one of Barbie’s designers. He was then still working for a competing company owned by Mattel. Despite this, Bryant took Bratz’s sketches to MGA and got a new position, and immediately resigned from the old one. When Mattel found out about this, it sued the former employee, accusing him of violating his employment contract. Legal disputes continue to this day. During this time, a series of dolls managed to change at least six logos.

What is Bratz?

Bratz is a famous line of dolls introduced in 2001, posing competition for Barbie. Created by MGA Entertainment Inc., these are not just beautiful toys with similar appearances but rather a group of friends with individual personalities. Each doll has its own hobby and unique style. They have distinctive facial features, such as large lips, high cheekbones, and wide-open eyes, and have become popular due to their fashionable outfits and hairstyles.

2001 – 2009

Bratz Logo 2001-2009

The first version featured a pink “BRATZ” lettering with bouncing, jagged uppercase letters. Above the R was a golden halo, and small five-pointed stars glittered around the word. The brand name appeared to be bulging due to the gradient and subtle light outlines. All design elements were designed to grab the attention of children.


Bratz Logo 2007

In 2007, a comedy film in the musical genre, dedicated to the famous line of dolls, was released. Its logo contained the pink lowercase word “Bratz.” All letters were linked. Above “r,” as before, there was a halo with two asterisks, but it turned pink. The volume was created due to light spots in the places of the bends. The same emblem was used on some products.

2010 – 2012

Bratz Logo 2010-2012

The 2010 logo is similar to the 2001 version, although a closer look reveals differences:

  1. The letters were redrawn because their proportions changed slightly.
  2. The gradient disappeared, and a thin black outline appeared.
  3. The designers removed the stars around the edges, leaving only three on top.


Bratz Logo 2012

Throughout 2012, boxes with dolls were decorated with a golden emblem covered with sparkles. At the same time, the inner outline of the letters became dark pink. As for the form, it remained unchanged.

2013 – 2014

Bratz Logo 2013-2014

The Bratz logo, which was used in 2013-2014, can be called the most minimalistic. The brand name was first written in white. The designers chose an individual font, making all letters lowercase except for the first “B.” A wide black outline has been complemented by a gray gradient shadow behind the word.

2015 – 2017

Bratz Logo 2015-2017

Minimalism has been replaced by glamor. The designers repainted the lettering in blue and designed it in the form of a sticker, folding the bottom corner next to the “Z.” All letters have been converted to uppercase and outlined with a thin outline. The golden halo descended directly to the “R.” The bottom of the “T” was covered with a small sticker with pink lips.

2018 – today

Bratz Logo 2018-present

All experiments ended with the manufacturers returning the original logo of the doll line. The original design has not changed at all and continues to delight Bratz fans.

The authors of the word mark tried to make the design intriguing to influence the children psychologically. The absence of strict straight lines, “convex” letters, stars, bright colors attract attention. It is a clever marketing tool designed to increase sales.

Font and Colors

Bratz Emblem

Since all the lettering on the Bratz logos was created by hand, they are second to none. The font looks like a bubble font because the letters appear three-dimensional due to the gradient. The main colors are pink in several shades and golden.

Bratz Symbol

Bratz color codes

Sky MagentaHex color:#d265a7
RGB:210 101 167
CMYK:0 52 20 18
Pantone:PMS 218 C
MulberryHex color:#cb4c9e
RGB:203 76 158
CMYK:0 63 22 20
Pantone:PMS 232 C
Cosmic CobaltHex color:#432e82
RGB:57 46 130
CMYK:48 65 0 40
Pantone:PMS 268 C
Pastel YellowHex color:#fdf98b
RGB:253 249 139
CMYK:0 2 45 1
Pantone:PMS 393 C
LionHex color:#d8c380
RGB:216 195 128
CMYK:0 100 41 15
Pantone:PMS 7403 C
Pale BrownHex color:#906f53
RGB:144 111 83
CMYK:0 23 42 44
Pantone:PMS 7525 C