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The Brembo logo is inextricably linked with the theme of roads and Italy. The emblem’s elements contain secret symbols that tell the story of important names in the company’s history. The logo is an example of individuality, perfectly reflecting the brand’s character.

Brembo: Brand overview

Founded:January 11, 1961
Founder:Emilio Bombassei, Italo Breda
Curno, Bergamo, Italy

Brembo is an Italian manufacturer of braking systems for 90 car brands. The production capacity is represented by 20 plants worldwide, employing 10,000 workers. The company’s revenue exceeds 2 billion euros. The company is a market leader with around 800 patented inventions in the field of braking systems.

Meaning and History

Brembo Logo History

The brand’s logo was initially chosen very successfully, and over the years, it has undergone only one update to make the logo more modern. However, the emblem’s elements and composition have remained entirely intact. The logo attempts to combine patriotism, passion, and technical orientation, which has been quite successful. The bright tones convey confidence in the future and rapid movement on the path to success.

What is Brembo?

A major manufacturer of braking components and brakes for cars, founded in Italy in 1961. The products of the giant are used by the most well-known brands: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Ferrari, and Porsche. The products are especially valued in motorsport. Brembo braking systems are installed on Formula 1, MotoGP, and other vehicles.

1960 – 2022

Brembo Logo 1960

The Brembo emblem is a circular image with the brand name in stylized bold letters.

The manufacturer’s name is associated with a large river in Italy that flows through the city of Bergamo, where the brand was born. The choice serves as a way to express love for the homeland and inform about the company’s birthplace. The idea of the river indicates sales and the rapid spread of the brand’s products worldwide.

The circular image is inextricably linked to the company’s activities and resembles:

  1. A wheel – a symbol of the movement, auto parts for cars.
  2. A brake disc – an element of the braking system. The gap in the circle represents the brake pad, stopping the movement.
  3. The head of a wrench is necessary for car repair.
  4. A turbine disc, cutting metal in an auto repair shop.

The design also resembles an avant-garde mixture of the first and last letters of the name. The central part is a small “b,” and the circle is a large “O.” The difference in size shows how the company has grown since its inception. The placement of the “b” in the center indicates that a person with the last name Bombassei founded the brand. Interestingly, the founder’s last name, the city of origin, and 3 out of 5 company brands (Brembo, Breco, Bybre) all start with “B,” giving the symbol in the heart of the special circle significance.

The white stripe inside the red border represents two pairs of brake discs for the right and left wheels. The white part also resembles a road, a race track, and a segment that needs to be driven and stopped at the finish line. The symbolism is fitting, as the company supplies braking systems for racing cars.

The brand name is written in lowercase letters, and all symbols have a diagonal cut in harmony with the brake disc image in the logo.

2022 – today

Brembo Logo

For its 60th anniversary, the manufacturer decided to rebrand. The main elements – the disc and the name – remained unchanged. Only the style changed. The logo update made it look more modern. The heaviness and boldness of the letters were gone. The rounded font presented the company as friendlier and more caring for customers. The new logo works well with digital surfaces and is easily readable in any resolution.

Font and Colors

Red and white are the main colors of the brand. The former represents speed, which the company particularly emphasizes. Brembo has divided its products into four performance levels depending on speedometer readings and intensity of use: Sport, Gran, Turismo, and Pista. Red symbolizes braking after acceleration. It speaks of the Italian temperament and passion for work.

The white color represents innovation: the brand funds developments and improvements in the field of brakes. Brembo has patented about 800 inventions.

The font is similar to Run Medium. Rounded, smooth letters convey the ease and smoothness of system operation.

The company produces only one part of a car, and the absence of uppercase demonstrates a service and technical direction. Most people looking at a car do not know who made the brakes. The brand name is not displayed prominently.

Brembo color codes

Imperial RedHex color:#e53139
RGB:229 49 57
CMYK:0 79 75 10
Pantone:PMS 1788 C