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Designers infused the Bring Me the Horizon logo with energy and aggression to reflect the rock band’s style. The dynamic shapes symbolize ongoing creative development, while the abstract images are associated with mixing various musical genres. This emblem design conveys BMTH’s creative approach to art.

Bring Me the Horizon: Brand overview

Curtis Ward, Matt Nicholls, Matt Kean, Lee Malia, and Oliver Sykes formed Bring Me the Horizon in 2004. Initially, the British band played deathcore music but gradually shifted to metalcore with electronic elements. Their first studio album, Count Your Blessings (2006), received negative reviews from fans and critics. The situation was rectified with their next album, Suicide Season (2008), and a tour in the United States. In 2011, the band toured Europe, this time with new rhythm guitarist Jona Weinhofen, who joined BMTH in 2009. The rock group’s work has been recognized with numerous awards for its innovative approach to music.

Meaning and History

Bring Me the Horizon Logo History

The primary logo of Bring Me the Horizon contains the band’s name, styled like graffiti. According to vocalist Oliver Sykes, it was inspired by a line from the film Pirates of the Caribbean: “Bring me that horizon,” spoken by Jack Sparrow in the final episode. The musicians felt this quote perfectly expressed their desire to travel and perform concerts worldwide. It embodies a thirst for adventure and a wish to see everything on the planet. The rock band aims to break out of conventional boundaries, which is evident not only in their experimental genre fusion but also in their recognizable emblem. BMTH’s creative potential is manifested in everything – from music to visual identity.

What is Bring Me the Horizon?

Bring Me the Horizon is a musical group working in pop-rock, synth-rock, alternative, and metalcore genres. Formed in 2004, its members, then aged 15 to 17, signed with Thirty Days of Night Records. The British band is renowned for its original arrangements, emotional lyrics, and innovative sound based on Oli Sykes’ powerful vocals. BMTH has many successful albums, including Post Human: Survival Horror, Amo, and That’s the Spirit.

2004 – today

Bring Me the Horizon Logo

The Bring Me the Horizon logo closely resembles graffiti because it is done in a characteristic style. The band’s name is divided into three levels. The large words “BRING” and “HORIZON” are positioned at the top and bottom, with the smaller “ME” and “THE” in between. All letters are uppercase, but the initials “B” and “H” are further enlarged. The font resembles Gothic due to split strokes, slanted cuts, and decorative protrusions. Geometric patterns are depicted around, appearing as an extension of the glyphs.

The white inscription is located in the negative space inside a large black spot. Uneven splashes and streaks of paint surround it. Graffiti is a form of street art that allows artists to express ideas and feelings. In this case, it reflects the aesthetics of the British rock band, demonstrating a rebellious character and a freedom-loving approach to music.


Bring Me the Horizon Symbol

Although the band Bring Me the Horizon has no connection to Thelemites, it uses one of the symbols of Thelema philosophy – the unicursal hexagram. This is a modified version of the Star of David, which can be drawn with one continuous movement (hence the name unicursal). Unlike the regular six-pointed star, the lengths of the rays here vary. In the center are two diamonds formed by intersecting lines.

Originally, such an image was found in the documents of the secret society Golden Dawn. Adepts of the magical order considered it a symbol of the Moon and Sun. Later, Aleister Crowley adapted the polygon for his occult movement. For Thelemites, this figure reflects the principle “Do what thou wilt.” That is, it encourages opposing the rules of society and religion if they hinder achieving the desired.

Bring Me the Horizon uses the unicursal hexagram as part of its artistic concept. This is an attempt to surround the musical group with an aura of mystery to intrigue fans. The ancient symbol may also reflect philosophical and spiritual aspects important to the band members, as it is associated with ideas of unity, harmony, and balance. In one version of the emblem, designers colored the contours of the six-pointed star in turquoise and placed it inside a black circle. Thus, the geometric figure became even more expressive.

Font and Colors

Bring Me the Horizon Emblem

The rock band’s name consists of drawn letters in a graffiti style. The logo’s creators developed a unique set of glyphs, using bold and Gothic fonts as a basis. Such an informal design of the inscription emphasizes BMTH’s connection with the youth subculture.

The black-and-white palette of the logo reflects the drama and expression characteristic of Bring Me the Horizon’s music. Additional colors can be used in the unicursal hexagram – for example, turquoise. This is one of the manifestations of freedom of creative self-expression.

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