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The British American Tobacco logo is the benchmark for the use of negative space. Thanks to this design trick, the main elements stand out clearly against the neutral background. They attract the eye and demonstrate the key direction of the brand’s development – its desire for innovation and willingness to improve the quality of tobacco products.

British American Tobacco: Brand overview

Founder:Imperial Tobacco Company and American Tobacco Company
London, England, UK
British American Tobacco is one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. It was established in 1902. The organization is headquartered in London. The company sells its products in more than 150 countries around the world. Among the most popular brands are Kent, Vogue, Lucky Strike, etc. The number of employees exceeds 55 thousand people, and the total revenue is more than 25 billion pounds.

Meaning and History

British American Tobacco Logo History

Even though the company was founded back in 1902, only three versions of the logo were presented to the target audience. Minimal changes have been made to the new variants, making the British American Tobacco emblem more modern and confident. The brand’s visual recognition is extremely high due to the demand for tobacco products in all countries.

What is British American Tobacco?

It is the world leader in selling tobacco products and owns many world-famous brands. More than a hundred years of its history make it extremely popular with millions of customers worldwide.

1902 – 1992

British American Tobacco Logo 1902

The original version of the logo appeared sometime after the company’s founding. It was an emblem made using a blue and white color palette. The base was square with significantly rounded corners. The upper part, which occupied 2/3 of the total volume, was painted blue and depicted a tobacco plant with three leaves. The lower part, painted over in white, had a verbal inscription, namely the company’s abbreviation: “BAT.” The name is in classic bold serif type. All uppercase letters look powerful and confident, drawing the attention of potential buyers.

1992 – 2020

British American Tobacco Logo 1992

The first redesign took place almost 100 years after the corporation’s founding. The new version made the logo more modern and progressive. The key change was the removal of the square shape. The two elements, namely the tobacco plant and the verbal inscription, had no boundaries between them. Moreover, not blue but orange was used for the emblem, which allowed tobacco leaves to be associated with the sun’s rays. Thus, the British American Tobacco logo was given an optimistic tone and became more attractive.

The verbal inscription, in turn, represented not the abbreviation of the company but the full name. A modern and attractive semi-serif typeface was used. All letters, except for those with which new words begin, are in lower case. Their pointed corners are also associated with the sun, and therefore many users have a feeling of the unity of the inscription and emblem. Moreover, blue and orange color contrast well and complement each other.

2020 – today

British American Tobacco Logo

The most recent redesign of 2020 has changed the logo as much as possible. After all, the emblem in the form of a tobacco tree has been completely removed. Consequently, the emphasis of the company was placed in favor of minimalism. In addition, the abbreviation was again used. The font also succumbed to significant changes. The shape of the letters has become more unique and unusual. The stenciled glyphs of the letters contained empty spaces, adding to the mystique.

Above, to the right of the “T,” are two arcuate lines. If we analyze the release of this BAT logo, then these arcs mean the unification of the international and national business of the company.

Interestingly, many users and specialists did not like this version of the British American Tobacco logo. Not only because of the unusual forms of writing letters but also because of the translation of the abbreviation, which is associated with the “bat.” According to most, it was because of this flying rodent that the coronavirus disease originated.

Font and Colors

British American Tobacco Symbol

Given that the logo redesigns each time occurred after a significant period, the font used also lent itself to significant changes. For example, the second version used an elegant and modern semi-serif typeface. However, the updated version of 2020 was changed to a mysterious and unusual style, which was ambiguously interpreted by the target audience.

In most variants, British American Tobacco used a white and blue color palette with slight variations in hues. This combination of colors that millions of smokers associated with the company’s activities. The only exception was the second version, which featured an orange tobacco tree with leaves painted similar to the sun’s rays.

British American Tobacco color codes

Delft BlueHex color:#24336b
RGB:36 51 107
CMYK:66 52 0 56
Pantone:PMS 294 C