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British Gas Logo

British Gas Logo
British Gas Logo PNG

The name British Gas is misleading because it is not only a gas company. It provides household services and provides electricity to UK residents. Its history goes back to 1812, when the first public utility company in the world, the Gas Light and Coke Company, was established. In 1972, he was replaced by the British Gas Corporation, which was privatized in 1986. It ended up being divided into five parts, and the British Gas brand continued to exist as the property of the multinational company Centrica.

Meaning and History

British Gas Logo History
Evolution of the British Gas Logo

After privatization, the company changed its corporate style several times with great care. Its leaders did not want the new identity to distort the organization’s essence, so experimenting with logos was limited to modernizing the type and design. The main elements – the lettering “British Gas” and the flame – took on different shapes and colors from time to time.

Now it is a public utility company that provides household services, provides homes with gas and electricity. However, it continues to call itself British Gas and uses the fire emblem. Commitment to tradition reflects the company’s 200-year history, as it began with the gas industry. Once, the brand owners tried to add a globe to the logo so that it would be the embodiment of international status and global aspirations. But this attempt was unsuccessful: the new symbol, rejected by society, was not even used.

1986 – 1995

British Gas Logo 1986-1995

After the Gas Act 1986, which allowed for the privatization of gas supplies, British Gas Corporation was replaced by British Gas plc. The new organization adopted a black and white logo that mentioned its name. The words were written together, but the capital “B” and “G” visually separated them. Above Gas was an abstract flame of five sinuous lines.

1995 – 2011

British Gas Logo 1995-2011

In 1995, two years before the collapse of British Gas plc, there was a small readiness. The fire has taken on a teardrop shape. Moreover, this version consisted of three parts: red, dark blue, and blue. On the left, as before, was the name of the company. But now, there is a gap between the words, and the font is blue and italic. The logo has been in use for 16 years and has not changed even after it was split into several parts, and Centrica took over the British Gas brand.

2012 – present

British Gas Logo 2012-present

The company modernized its corporate identity in the fall of 2011. The changed look was implemented until January 2012. The logo was developed by the marketing agency CHI & Partners, which had previously been involved in advertising for British Gas. The flame has taken on a more abstract form after the update: it looks like a blue-green ribbon with space inside. The lettering is also unusual because the designers have created a stylized typeface with rounded and cut strokes.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

British Gas Emblem

Although British Gas has long since expanded its business, its emblem still features fire. True, it is leaf-shaped, reflecting its broad offerings in the energy industry and its environmental awareness. Negative space forms another flame – a smaller one.

Older logos used the classic Helvetica font – first straight, then italic. The new typography has been redesigned to replace the British style with custom designs. The narrowing of the “G” gives the impression that “a” and “s” are moving. The dots above the “i” are neither round nor square. They correspond in shape to the cut and rounded tops “r,” “t,” and “h.”

British Gas Symbol

The color scheme of the logo looks fresh. It includes several shades of blue (# 0490D7 to # 0462B4) and green (# AFCC43 to # 299940), which are presented as a gradient. The inscription, in turn, is dark blue (# 012973).