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British School of Motoring: Brand overview

The British Driving School (BDS), one of the first in the UK, began in London in 1910 under the direction of S.C.H. Roberts. The school initially catered to the elite, including aristocrats and prosperous professionals, and trained chauffeurs in specially designed dual-control cars.

With the advent of the 1920s and the proliferation of automobiles to the general public, BSM adapted to the new environment by extending driver training to the broader community.

During the turbulent years of World War II, BSM changed its focus, temporarily discontinuing civilian training and concentrating on specialized “military driving” courses. This allowed military personnel to drive their vehicles skillfully.

The post-war boom of the 1950s and 60s and the compulsory introduction of the UK driving test in 1935 fueled BSM’s growth. On the wave of growing prosperity, the company managed to expand its sphere of influence to the whole of the UK.

The second half of the XX century was a period of further development for BSM: it joined small regional driving schools and opened new training centers. This expansion strengthened BSM’s position in the market.

A significant milestone in the company’s development was the merger of BSM with AA Driving School in 1999. The merged company became the dominant company in the British driver training market, training over 500,000 novice drivers annually.

In its current form, BSM operates as an important segment of the AA, with over 300 operating locations. True to founder Roberts’ vision, it is committed to improving knowledge and safety on the roads.

Over a period of more than a century, BSM has evolved from a niche chauffeur training institution to a comprehensive educational institution. BSM now offers a multi-faceted training program that includes beginner lessons, modernized testing, and refresher courses. Through these services, BSM has trained countless British drivers, blazing a unique trail in the country’s driving history.

Meaning and History

British School of Motoring Logo History

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British School of Motoring Logo

The logo uses a shortened version of the name, which makes it very minimalistic. The abbreviation “BSM” is in bold type. The letters are capitalized, chiseled, and stretched horizontally, which gives them a worm-like appearance reminiscent of the NASA emblem. The upper part of the letter “B” sharply differs from the lower part in that it is smaller and shorter. All glyphs have rounded ends and smooth curves. The main color of the sign is dark orange, symbolizing activity, perseverance, and belief in oneself.

The dark orange color resembles a warm fire – it attracts the eye but does not dazzle. And the curves of the letters resemble small smiles, giving a friendly look even with all its businesslike nature. The logo is simple yet powerfully energizing, like a delicious cookie that only requires a couple of ingredients to make.