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Bugatti is a French car brand specializing in the design and production of sports cars. Ettore Bugatti, an Italian-born designer, created it. The brand is now called Bugatti Automobiles SAS and belongs to the Volkswagen Group, which acquired it in 1998. The head office is located in the commune of Molsheim (Alsace, France).

Meaning and History

Bugatti Logo History
Evolution of the Bugatti Logo

What is Bugatti?

This is the name of a private car manufacturer from France and its namesake brand. It is part of the German concern Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft.

The conviction fueled that sports cars should be light and, secondly, beautiful; the industrial designer set to work creating the car of his dreams. Ettore Bugatti’s cars turned out to be conceptual because they immediately conquered everyone with their beauty and numerous race victories.

However, a brilliant career was slowed down by the unexpected death of the founder, the main inspirer and creative designer. Together with him, the company died, so the automotive career of the company was called into question. The tragedy took place in 1947. And almost ten years before that, the family experienced another terrible incident – the death of Jean Bugatti, the son of the company’s owner. It crashed while testing one of the sports cars.

Over the entire period of its existence, the brand stopped its activities several times, and several times they tried to revive it. It changed hands until it was acquired by the Volkswagen Group in 1998, making it it’s subsidiary. The stubborn desire to revive the brand is the unique design of cars that have won many competitions. Therefore, many wanted to see her emblem among racing cars and were not ready to say goodbye to her forever. Since the company’s career was moving in leaps and bounds, it had only one logo obtained at the start.

The original personal identity sign consists of a successful combination of graphics and text. Both parts are harmoniously combined. The base is an ellipse. It is located horizontally and is bordered along the edge by a gray-violet stripe with large dark crimson dots. Then there is an oval, completely colored, too, in a dark crimson color.

Bugatti Symbol

What is the Bugatti logo?

There are many elements in the Bugatti logo. The basis is a red oval with a border of sixty small circles. The company’s name is written in white letters in the center, and above it is a black monogram of ‘EB’ (initials Ettore Bugatti).

There are two text elements inside the geometric shape. The first and most catchy is the brand name. It is made in large white letters with light shadows on the right side. This artistic technique makes them rise above the surface. The word “Bugatti” is written in large, slightly elongated printed characters. The font is simple, grotesque (sans serif), uppercase.

There is a black monogram above the brand name. It is a geometric interweaving of two capital letters taken from the founder’s first and last name. These are “E” and “B” from Ettore Bugatti. Moreover, the signs are turned “backs” to each other. The letters are connected by one common line because the “E” faces the opposite direction.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Bugatti Emblem

Is Bugatti an Indian company?

Bugatti has nothing to do with India. Moreover, you cannot find a single Bugatti on Indian roads – even rich and powerful Indians do not buy them.

Who made the Bugatti logo?

The creator of the famous red oval Bugatti was Carlo Bugatti, the father of the company’s founder. He became famous in Italy as an artist and a skilled jeweler.

Is Bugatti Italian or French?

Although a Frenchman founded Bugatti, it is an Italian company. And it appeared in the town of Molsheim, which at that time was part of Germany.

The developers chose a simple and clear typeface from the chopped category for the logo – this is the Uniform Cond Bold with a slight blackout on the right. The font was written by designer Richard Miller and first published by Miller Type Foundry.

The branded palette includes two basic colors. The first is burgundy # bf002c. It is rich and thick. The second is a gray-purple, close to the light purple #aaacac. There are two more colors on the emblem – classic black (letter shadows, monogram) and white (brand name).

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