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The emblem lights the way for shoppers. The drink is like a ray of light piercing fatigue’s darkness. He lights a fire that calls to the world of fun and joy. The Burn logo accurately conveys the possibilities of the energy drink and invites you to try its power.

Burn: Brand overview

Founder:Monster Beverage Corporation
United States
Burn is a fiery, energizing carbonated drink based on caffeine, amino acids, and adaptogen plants from Coca-Cola. In addition to the main product, ten more varieties of energy drinks are produced with different flavors (peach, raspberry, kiwi-apple, mango, etc.). The composition contains B vitamins. Since 2015, the trademark has been owned by the American company Monster Beverage. The production of the drink is carried out at the facilities of third-party manufacturers. Coca-Cola and its partners remain the main distributor of Burn. Energy drinks are sold in 96 countries.

Meaning and History

Burn Logo History

The Burn was developed in 2001 and began to be sold in the UK. The emblem of the drink is minimalistic but fully conveys the essence of the energy drink and its message: awaken your inner fire. The logo has flames on a black background; below them is the brand’s name.

As planned, the drink symbol brings us back to the time when a person learned to kindle a fire, which distinguished him from all other inhabitants of the Earth. A fire, a family hearth, is a place where new ideas are born in unity and communication. The refreshing taste of the drink should infuse a fire of energy into customers, fill them with thoughts and a desire to move forward.

The theme of Burn is very closely intertwined with people of creative professions, dance, and music. Energy advertising is associated with artists, DJs, producers. The drink often sponsors music festivals and organizes dance parties, which corresponds to the energy of movement and the joy of life that the energy drink seeks to convey.

2004 – 2016

Burn Logo 2004

Initially, a deep black background was used for the logo, cut through by bright tongues of flame. The drink seemed to bring light amid pitch darkness. The very name of the brand and the signature “intense energy” were made in silver-white color with a dark gradient. This performance echoed the theme of fire, reminiscent of the play of light and shadow on objects near the fire.

2016 – today

Burn Logo

Since 2015, Burn has changed its owner. They became the Southern California company Monster Beverage, renamed from Hansen’s. Its owners decided to specialize in energy drinks instead of juices. Therefore, we carried out a mutually beneficial exchange of trademarks with Coca-Cola. In this regard, the development of an updated logo was ordered released in 2016. The main task was to increase brand awareness in all countries where it is distributed. Make the logo unique and different from other brands.

The emphasis in the new emblem is made on the verbal part of the logo. The background of the square shape became less dark; the flames decreased in size and color intensity. But the name is bright white and written in large. And under the name of a brand of almost the same size, the addition is an energy drink. The inscription helps to understand which category of goods Burn belongs to immediately. This excludes the coincidence of the logo with the brand of hookah tobacco of the same name, which appeared in America in 2016 and used a flame as its symbol.

An additional icon appeared in the logo – a white circle with a black flame tongue. Image courtesy of “The Coca-Cola Company,” the main distributor of the drink. It also resembles the coffee bean symbol, indicating the presence of caffeine in the drink.

The flame has acquired more yellow color – a symbol of freedom, fun, and revealing oneself to the world. The edging of the fire is red – because the energy of fun is contagious and ignites everything around. The logo is even fiercer on the company’s website, in yellow and red colors. The inscription is capitalized, and the flame resembles a bonfire.

Font and Colors

Burn Emblem

White, black, yellow, orange, and red are the primary colors of the logo. They create a sense of contrast, which already demonstrates the bright and incendiary “character” of the drink. The combination of yellow and red shades symbolizes energy, warmth, a good mood, and fun. They destroy fatigue and drowsiness, which symbolizes black.
The sans-serif lettering is softly rounded and lowercase, reminiscent of the Bahnschrift font family, while the “energy drink” signature is in DotumChe.

Burn Symbol

Burn color codes

Cadmium RedHex color:#e4061f
RGB:228 6 31
CMYK:0 97 86 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Orange PeelHex color:#f39801
RGB:243 152 1
CMYK:0 37 100 5
Pantone:PMS 137 C
Golden YellowHex color:#ffdf10
RGB:255 223 16
CMYK:0 13 94 0
Pantone:PMS 108 C
Eerie BlackHex color:#1d1d1b
RGB:29 29 27
CMYK:0 0 7 89
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C