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The Busch logo communicates a special cooking technology that uses cold. The method gives the drink a unique taste and light shade. The emblem is an example of completeness and perfection that distinguishes the beer brand.

Busch: Brand overview

United States

Busch is the world-famous and second most popular beer brand of the American company Anheuser-Busch. Light lager beer is brewed from a mixture of hops, malt, and rice at low temperatures using the yeast “Saccharomyces pastorianus,” which breeds in the bottom of the vessel. The first product of the line, Busch Beer, was introduced in 1955, when August Anhäuser Busch Jr., grandson of the famous Adolphus Busch and great-grandson of Eberhard Anhäuser, the founders of the company, was at the helm of the company. In the future, the line expanded and today includes four more types of drinks:

  • Busch Light light 4.1% (1989 as Busch Light Draft, and since 1994 Busch Light)
  • Busch Ice 5.9% (1995)
  • Busch NA non-alcoholic
  • Dog Brew by Busch bone broth dog drink with vegetables (2020)

Meaning and History

Busch Logo History

Busch beer got its name in honor of Adolphus Bush, an emigrant from Germany who fell in love with brewing and devoted his whole life to it. He was the first in America to introduce beer pasteurization, refrigerated wagons for transporting drinks, and coolers. One of the first began to use bottling. He has produced various items with attributes of his beer brands. Bush’s innovations brought prosperity to Anheuser-Busch. Therefore, the businessman’s descendants gave the first stamp introduced after Prohibition his name.

What is Busch?

Busch is the second most popular brand of the American company Anheuser-Busch. It sells a light lager made from a blend of premium-class hops. The trademark appeared in the 1950s when it was prohibited to name baseball stadiums after alcoholic beverages. Beer magnate Gussie Busch, who owned the Cardinals sports team, decided to circumvent this ban: he first named the stadium after his surname and then created a beer brand with the same name.

1995 – 2013

Busch Logo 1995

The original name Busch Bavarian Beer had a hint of the Germanic origin of the Bushes and pointed to the first inventors of the lager – the Bavarian monks. After the discovery of bottom fermentation, Bavaria became the center of brewing. The product had to be associated with the ancient recipes of those parts. The developed slogans indicated this: “clean and bright as mountain air” and “head to the mountains.”

For the logo, Adolf’s surname was used, written obliquely from bottom to top, as a sign of ascent to the heights. The name had a red underline and a red shadow of letters – an indicator of energy, strength, and love for his work, which helped the company’s founder achieve such success. Blue letters with a white outline symbolized the sky and the white snows of the mountains of Bavaria. Associated with coolness, they served as a slight allusion to mechanical cooling, a device for which Bush himself had first introduced.

In 1979, the beer acquired its current name Busch Beer, but the logo change occurred much later when Joao Nevis led the company.

2013 – 2017

Busch Logo 2013

An unusual handwritten font distinguished the logo of this period. The letters in the word “BUSCH” looked as if they were handwritten and very sloppily: they had uneven trembling edges and disproportionate curves. The “U” stood out the most, lacking the usual symmetry. The word “BEER” was located below, also written in capital glyphs, but reduced several times. Its simple sans-serif font resembled Core Sans N 83 Ex Heavy by S-Core. Both parts of the text were painted in an unsaturated black color. The letters in the top line also had a thin dark beige outline.

2017 – today

Busch Logo

The logo concept was revised after 2017. The emblem took on a round shape with a hint of two stripes extending in different directions, as on the belt of a boxing champion. Such outlines indicate that the brand is leading and superior to its competitors.

In addition to the inscription, a visual sign appeared in the form of snow-capped mountain peaks as a reminder of Bavaria; it’s the Alps and the very first name of Busch Bavarian Beer. Also, the mountains should be associated with the refreshing taste of the drink, its pleasant smell, and hint at light beer.

In the center in front, there are voluminous directly written letters of the name – Busch. They are black with a white stroke and no longer red but a golden shadow. The word beer is written in gold below. Aligning and changing the shadow emphasize stability, a long 60-year history of the drink, the preservation of centuries-old traditions in recipes and preparation.

The commitment to tradition is also reflected in the logo by the presence of distinctive signs and inscriptions typical of Anheuser-Busch. In particular, the eagle in the letter A (the company’s trademark) and the inscription St. Louis (city of St. Louis). It was there that the Anheuser brewery appeared, and its first factory was located.

Font and Colors

Busch Emblem

Lines, contours, and inscriptions related to the manufacturer are made in gold. They point out that Bush beer is the gold standard of brewing and is produced by a very old legendary company with a history of over 150 years.

In addition to gold, blue and a lot of white are used. Blue and white shades symbolize freshness, purity, and coolness, with which beer should be associated. In other drinks of the brand, depending on the place and date of release, the color scheme of the lines, the company logo, and the name changes. However, cold shades are used (silver, blue, white, cold red).

Busch Symbol

The brand name in black stands out very brightly against the background of the picture and immediately attracts attention. For the inscription in the first version of the logo, the font Romic Light Italic LET was used. On the modern emblem, the inscription instead of italics received a direct style with spectacular serifs characteristic of the Columna typeface.

Busch color codes

Satin Sheen GoldHex color:#c09c3f
RGB:192 156 63
CMYK:0 19 67 25
Pantone:PMS 7556 C
Medium Persian BlueHex color:#026bac
RGB:2 107 172
CMYK:99 38 0 33
Pantone:PMS 3015 C
Dark Byzantine BlueHex color:#313b5f
RGB:49 59 95
CMYK:48 38 0 63
Pantone:PMS 534 C
Jet BlackHex color:#373536
RGB:55 53 54
CMYK:0 4 2 78
Pantone:PMS 412 C