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Powerful and stable – this is how you can describe the Bushnell logo because the company deals with telescopes and binoculars, and these qualities are very important for these products. The logo also has an air of reliability, business acumen, and foresight. It can be seen in the confident and straight lines, the solid elements, and the smooth glyphs.

Bushnell: Brand overview

Founder:David P. Bushnell
Kansas, United States
Bushnell is a Japanese company that manufactures and sells telescopes and binoculars—founded in 1948. The main facilities were transferred to the United States, where the headquarters is located. However, Bushnell’s operating offices are located around the world. Today, the presented brand is considered one of the largest globally when it comes to the production of telescopes and binoculars.

Meaning and History

Bushnell Logo History

Visual recognition of the brand is at a high level, as it is one of the largest manufacturers on the market. Only two versions of the logo were presented all the time, which significantly contrasted against each other. If initially, Bushnell focused on elegance and elegance, then after the redesign, it became concise and minimalistic.

What is Bushnell?

This company has seventy years of experience in the production of telescopes and binoculars. More than a million users purchase brand products at reasonable prices and high quality every year.


Bushnell Old Logo

The first version of the logo was an exquisite image consisting of a word inscription and an emblem located in the left corner. The wordmark was written in white letters using a classic bold sans-serif typeface. All characters are somewhat narrowed and therefore look interesting and attractive. The spacing between letters is minimal. A rectangular wooden plank with a contour was used as a background. A brown gradient was used for the outline.

On the right is the emblem in the form of a round medal. The circle is on top of the board. A brown gradient was also used as the color palette. Above is another inscription, “Bushnell,” and below the year of creation, “estd 1948”. In the center is the letter “B” with two dots – on the right and the left. The background for this letter is brown in different shades, which is divided into many sectors.


Bushnell New Logo

The updated version of the logo has become more concise and minimalistic. It consisted exclusively of a word inscription and an emblem on the left, made on a white background. A sophisticated modern sans-serif typeface with pointed corners was chosen. The spacing between characters has become more significant, and the lines in the letters are thicker. Each letter has its unique writing style.

On the left is the emblem. This is a big black “B” inside a white circle with a black outline. Interestingly, the space between the two elements is quite significant, and therefore one might think that they are independent of each other.

Font and Colors

Bushnell Symbol

In both versions of the logo, the basis was a modern bold sans-serif. It was based on exquisite letters with thin lines, made in lower case, not counting the starting “B.” At the same time, the style of the inscriptions on the emblem was somewhat different. The symbols in it had thin lines and were more like an additional element to the main icon.

In the old version of the logo, a brown gradient was actively used, which could be associated with a telescope or binocular tube. At the same time, the main inscription, in contrast, was white. After updating the Bushnell logo, the company decided to make it more concise and used the classic black and white color palette. Now he looked more stern and confident.

Bushnell color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C