BYD Logo


Using the result of technological progress to create the cars of the future conveys the BYD logo. Modern design, computerization, and a powerful engine of the company’s machines symbolize the signs of the emblem.

BYD: Brand overview

Founded: 2003
Founder: BYD Company
Xi’an, Shaanxi, China
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BYD (more precisely BYD Auto Co., Ltd.) is a Chinese car manufacturer that manufactures a wide range of vehicles. Its assortment includes electric cars, hybrid cars, gasoline-powered cars, trucks, buses, forklifts, electric bicycles. And one of its divisions, together with Mercedes-Benz, produces luxury cars under the Denza brand. The firm was formed in 2003 after BYD Company acquired and acquired Qinchuan Machinery Works from Norinco. Its head office is located in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province.

Meaning and History

BYD Logo History

By purchasing an automobile company, BYD automatically received the rights to independently produce cars and other cars, for which it entered into a deal. So she gained experience because the Qinchuan plant has been making cars since 1987. The company started with the QJC7050 with a 30.5 cubic inch engine. At the time of the acquisition, its version of the QCJ7181 Flyer was also in development, which the new owner introduced in 2005 as his own, renaming it BYD Flyer.

In 2008, the car manufacturer was bought out by business tycoon Warren Buffett through Sino-American Energy Holdings. At the same time, a hybrid version of the BYD F3 sedan was released, and the export of products abroad was established – to the Middle East, South America, and Africa. Then a period of active growth of the company began while maintaining strict control over technical processes. As a result, BYD was awarded the Top Crash Facility Award in 2013.

BYD Symbol

In 2020, the company began expanding in Europe with several commercial vehicles. It also won lucrative contracts to supply 406 electric buses to Colombia. Their company will provide by the middle of 2022, while 1002 units of this type of equipment will be needed. That is, the recognition of the BYD brand emblem is growing from year to year. By the way, its name, which is the basis of the visual identity, is an abbreviation for the phrase Build Your Dreams. In total, the company has two logos in its arsenal.

2003 – 2005

BYD Logo 2003-2005

The opening identity mark consists of two horizontal ovals located one inside the other. The largest is black with double edging, which is played by the white and black lines. It contains the name of the company. The abbreviation “BYD” appears at the bottom and is executed in a sleek sans serif typeface. The letter-spacing is wide so that light characters are visible against a dark background. The central oval is smaller and outlined with a thin white stripe. Its space is divided by color into two halves: the upper zone is blue, the lower one is white.

2005 – today

BYD Logo 2005-present

The redesign of the visual identity comes after the Chinese automaker decided to avoid the similarity of its logo with the emblem of BMW. The updated icon began to be used in December 2005. BYD unwittingly received a logo that now looks like Kia’s to move away from the visual association with one well-known company.

The logo depicts an oval with a red contour line and the same red name within a white space. The outer stripe is uneven in width: it is narrow on the right and left. The word “BYD” is written in geometric letters, each with a small white stroke, right angles, and outer diagonal cuts.

The logo was adopted when the company was founded and has been oval ever since. It remained after the redesign, while the rest of the elements were either removed or changed.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

BYD Emblem

BYD uses a custom design typeface. The letters are non-serif and look like geometric shapes. They are even, smooth, strict. But the proprietary palette changed once: initially, it consisted of black and blue, then red and white.

BYD color codes

Lust Hex color: #e60009
RGB: 230 0 9
CMYK: 0 100 96 10
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C