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“Learning with us is easy and fun,” says Byju’s logo. The logo symbols represent a large body of knowledge that can be accessed remotely. Their use will help the development of a harmonious personality.

Byju’s: Brand overview

Founder:Byju Raveendran, Divya Gokulnath
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Byju’s is a young Indian digital technology company. It offers products for distance learning and mobile learning. The founders of the company are entrepreneurs Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath, who opened it in 2011. Now it has become the most valuable organization in the field of educational programs. The headquarters is located in Bangalore, Karnataka state (India).

Meaning and History

Byju's Logo History

The brand appeared thanks to the application of the same name, which was launched in 2011 by Think and Learn Pvt Ltd. The software developer and owner of the service was a married couple, Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath. He is an engineer who taught students to take exams and prepare them for tests; she is an educational specialist. Their tandem resulted in a firm offering online learning products based on utilities for K-12 and materials for competitive examinations.

In 2012, Think and Learn gained popularity and entered the prestigious ratings of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific and still do not leave them. After four years of work on digital software called Byju’s: The Learning App, she launched it in the summer of 2015. In 2017, the Byju Math utility for children and the Byju Parent Connect program appeared, allowing parents to follow a child’s learning.

Byju's Symbol

This was followed by several major acquisitions with the company’s entry into the international level. This is how the popularity of the educational products of the same name expanded, which became not only a series but also an independent brand with its symbols. In total, there are two logos in his arsenal. They are essentially similar and differ only in minor details.

What is Byjus?

Byjus is an educational technology developer. It was established in India in 2011 and started as a small startup by two entrepreneurs, Divya Gokulnath and Byju Raveendran. They created an app designed to simplify the learning process and make education widely accessible. The company now offers a vast selection of online courses on various subjects and collaborates with several universities.

2010 – 2017

Byju's Logo 2010-2017

The debut emblem appeared with the release of the first program. She not only accompanied her but presented her since it contained only an informational and introductory text. The base for the logo is a lilac square with rounded corners. It had highlights and shadows on the edges, which gave it three-dimensionality, so the sign was perceived as a button to launch the announced utility. Its name was ungrouped into two lines: at the top was the word “Byju’s” in large grotesque type, at the bottom was written “The Learning App” in small letters. They were placed on light lilac and dark purple backgrounds with a wave-like separation of shades.

2017 – today

Byju's Logo 2017-present

The current logo looks modern and consists not only of textual elements but also of graphic ones. It is a diagonal “B” shaped icon located in the center and upper left corner. In the first case, the letter is large, expressive, with a deep shadow on the right and a white border. It looks voluminous as if it is raised above the surface.

The upper part shows a similar symbol but in a reduced size and a miniature white square. The name of the brand is also placed next to it. The designers changed their style by capitalizing the beginning of each word. The exception is “Byju’s”: it is in the upper case. The developers have kept the roundness of the signs but have worked on the “B,” reducing its center bar.

The identity of this young Indian company is well recognizable because, from the very beginning, it got its own “face” – a purple convex square. It serves as a basic platform for placing the rest of the elements, which, thanks to the contrast, look clear and catchy on it.

Byju’s: Interesting Facts

Byju’s, an Indian tech company founded in 2011 by Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath, has significantly changed how students worldwide learn.

  1. Beginnings: Byju Raveendran, a former engineer and teacher, started Byju’s after gaining popularity for his effective math teaching methods. With Divya Gokulnath, he expanded his vision into what Byju’s is today.
  2. Digital Shift: Originally an offline teaching center, Byju’s moved online to offer a broader, more engaging, and personalized learning experience through technology.
  3. Worldwide Presence: Byju’s reaches students globally, aiming to make high-quality educational content widely available beyond its Indian roots.
  4. Strategic Acquisitions: The company has grown by acquiring other edtech firms, like Osmo in the US and Aakash Educational Services in India, enhancing its offerings.
  5. Unicorn Status: Byju’s quickly achieved a valuation of over $1 billion, making it among the world’s most valuable edtech companies, reflecting strong investor confidence.
  6. Personalized Learning: Byju’s uses data analytics to tailor the learning experience to each student’s pace and style, making education more adaptive.
  7. STEM Focus: The company emphasizes STEM education, creating content that simplifies complex concepts through interactive lessons and visual aids.
  8. Courses for All Ages: Byju’s offers courses for a wide age range, serving students from elementary school through college entrance exam preparation.
  9. Social Initiatives: Byju aims to reduce educational inequality through its Education for All initiative, which provides free resources to millions of underprivileged students in India.
  10. Innovative Marketing: The company has used creative marketing strategies and partnerships, such as with cricket tournaments, and enlisted famous personalities as brand ambassadors to enhance its visibility.

Byju’s has revolutionized the edtech space in India and globally, proving the power of digital platforms to make learning dynamic, accessible, and effective for students at every level.

Font and Colors

Byju's Emblem

The emblem uses not one but two types of typefaces. The word “Byju’s” is written in a font reminiscent of JCfonts’ Linotte Bold or S-Core’s Core Sans ES 75 Extra Bold with a slight “B” modification. “The Learning App” is executed in simple grotesque, as close as possible to Museo Sans Rounded 700 or Core Sans AR 55 Medium. The color scheme is unchanged: it always features purple (square) and white (letters).

Byju’s color codes

Vivid VioletHex color:#813588
RGB:129 53 136
CMYK:5 61 0 47
Pantone:PMS 513 C