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Cadiveu Logo

Cadiveu Logo
Cadiveu Logo PNG

Cadiveu is an innovative cosmetic brand that has focused on sustainable hair and scalp products. He is engaged in the production of products and in the development of unique formulas, for which he cooperates with many laboratories. The brand is located in Brazil and is famous for the use of natural ingredients.

Meaning and History

Cadiveu Symbol

The brand symbols are based on two types of fonts because the key element of its logo is the name. Like any manufacturer who must accompany products with their name on small bottles, they chose the text format.

The logo consists of two parts: the upper fragment includes the word “Cadiveu,” the lower one – “Professional.” There is a thin line between them, which underlines the brand name. All upper letters merge with it. Moreover, “C” and “E,” as well as “A” and “U” are almost identical. The designers tried to change them, adding originality slightly. To do this, they cut off the protruding ends “C” and widened the inner lumen “E.” They removed the edge from the letter “A” and depicted it in the form of an elongated arch.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Cadiveu Emblem

The company has emphasized text, so the typeface has been worked out in detail. The highlight of the emblem is the individual font – grotesque, chopped up. The first word is executed in wide lines with a small gap between the signs, which gives the impression that they merge. The second part of the title uses a thin font from the same category (sans serif) but with many characters. For the emblem, the brand chose a neon pink color.