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An unusual field of activity became the reason for long and meticulous work on visual identity. The designers tried to make the Canik logo as appropriate as possible for the chosen direction. The result of the efforts was a discreet and strict badge made in the best traditions of minimalism. For design, soft colors and two types of direct fonts were chosen.

Canik: Brand overview

Founder:Arak Industry
Canik is a famous brand of Turkish origin. It is owned by Arak Industry and operates by the firm’s requirements. But, it has its specialization – the production of high-tech firearms. The presented models are better known as Samsun Domestic Defense. They are often used to arm various power structures of the country.

Meaning and History

Canik Logo History

The company has demonstrated stability and aspiration for development for more than 20 years. This is reflected in the quality of the products that the brand produces and the corporate identity. The logo, created at the time of the company’s formation, has not changed so far. It is made in a special format that does not lose its relevance and favorably emphasizes the best aspects of the brand.

It combines rigor, progressiveness, and at the same time, full of energy. These characteristics directly reflect the essence of the company. It operates to strict standards, strives to use innovative technologies, and has a strong manufacturing capability. Additional features of the brand are self-confidence and certain brutality. These traits are reflected in the stylish gradient metal color and powerful typeface.

What is Canik?

Canik is the name of a reliable and fast-growing company. She works in producing firearms of various types used by law enforcement agencies. Products (Samsun Domestic Defense) are created based on innovative technologies, taking into account all established standards. Based on territorial affiliation, Canik can be attributed to Turkish companies. The managing company is Arak Industry.

The decision to create the Canik brand was made in 1997 by Turkish entrepreneurs. Their main goal was to establish the largest production of firearms. The idea turned out to be successful, and after a few years, entrepreneurs established a fairly large-scale business. The brand stood out from the competition. Products produced by the company began to be used to arm various paramilitary units.

The visual identity was also distinctive. Canik had a minimalist and, at the same time, expressive logo, which for many was associated with innovation and high quality. The picture itself did not have any bright details or accents. Despite this, she looked very stylish, attracted attention, and was quite memorable. The secret is in several features:

  • feeling of metal texture;
  • use of the original geometric font;
  • combination of two text labels.

Such a performance was intended to demonstrate strength, innovation, and professionalism. Through the use of special design tools, this was achieved. The emblem turned out to be modern and original. The professionalism is shown in the gradient gray color, and the beautiful massive font demonstrates the stability and quality with letters of different formats.

This approach allowed the designers to create a real masterpiece using minimalist elements without using any accents. Another important feature is relevance. Even though the emblem was created more than 20 years ago, it still corresponds to the canons of brand design and confirms the company’s commitment to progressiveness.

Font and Colors

Canik Symbol

The company’s emblem is a vivid example of a strict laconic design, which is complemented by unusual elements. In the center is the inscription Canik, made in all capital letters. Three-dimensional signs demonstrate power, confidence, strength, and trust. Additional features are sharp corners and clear lines associated with straightness.

The absence of serifs in the letters makes the inscription especially modern and stylish. Irregular spaces and letters of different sizes are also highlighted. A similar format was used for expressiveness. Below the main inscription is the phrase Superior Handguns. It is used to highlight the scope of the company.

Such detailing allows you to remember the trademark quickly and, if necessary, immediately understand that a reliable brand produced the product. Another standout feature of the logo is the gradient color scheme. Different shades of gray were used for the inscriptions, which add brutality and are associated with innovation.

Canik color codes

NickelHex color:#717171
RGB:113 113 113
CMYK:0 0 0 56
Pantone:PMS 424 C