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The Captain America logo embodies love for the USA and demonstrates the image of a patriot in love with his country. The emblem encodes the qualities of a warrior ready to protect and cherish. Therefore, the symbol and the character are consistently loved by viewers.

Captain America: Brand overview

Founded:March 1941
Founder:Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
United States

Captain America is the pseudonym of the comic book hero of the Marvel universe named, Steve Rogers. The character is a joint work of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. He was conceived in 1940. He made his debut in Captain America Comics in 1941. He got a screen version in the series filmed by Republic Pictures in 1944 and participated in modern Marvel films, where the superhero was played by Christopher Evans.

Meaning and History

Captain America Logo History

The character’s logo is strong, confident, and unshakeable. Therefore, his image has not changed for over 80 years. However, originally the hero’s shield, which is the basis of the emblem, had not round but a more conventional shield-like shape, which was changed in the second comic. After which, probably, the hero’s logo appeared. A special story was even invented to transform the image, although the main reason was the similarity of the sign to the attribute of another hero. Subsequently, minor transformations were made to the emblem related to changes in the appearance of the drawn character. However, the general appearance of the sign remained constant.

Who is Captain America?

A famous superhero and the main defender of America, brought to life by Marvel Comics. The franchise includes movies, comics, merchandise, toys, and other elements. It ranks 6th in the list of the 100 best comic heroes. Three modern movies dedicated to the superhero collected dizzying box office revenues – $370, $714 million, and $1.15 billion.

1941 – today

Captain America Logo

The Captain’s logo is done graphically, without the use of inscriptions. The superhero is represented by his main attribute – his metallic shield.

The object is associated with impregnable defense. Anyone whom Captain America stands up for is in complete safety. The comic hero himself conceived his costume and bulletproof shield. A wide range of character traits are encoded in such a logo.

  • According to the story, he applied for service in the army but was refused. So he took part in a secret defense project, voluntarily agreeing to experiment for his country and the dream of serving it. Having gained superpowers, Steve Rogers decides to fight America’s enemies.
  • The emblem demonstrates the hero’s special strength, as the shield was made of steel and the fantastic metal vibranium, which gave the object unprecedented strength.
  • Thanks to the strength and lightness of the alloy, Captain America turned defense into a weapon and threw it like a disc.

The coloring of the emblem confirms the hero’s unconditional patriotism. Red and white stripes, a blue canvas with a star in the center repeat the color scheme of the American flag. Valor and endurance encoded in the stripes, vigilance, and justice hidden in the blue canvas are fully present in the hero.

The logo also conveys the warrior’s unconditional approval by the country’s government, elevating the character to the rank of a national hero. The round shield, which became the Captain’s emblem, is presented in the comic to Rogers by President Roosevelt himself.

Font and Colors

The main colors are red, white, and blue, which are present both in the logo and in the hero’s costume.

  • Red – symbolizes courage, bravery, activity, and strength.
  • Blue – points to science, experiments, and transformations that made the hero a superhuman.
  • White – the shield is stylized as steel. Indicates unbending will, honesty, nobility, and endurance.

The absence of an inscription fully corresponds to the spirit of comics, where the picture plays the main role. The image of the hero is understandable in any language.

Captain America color codes

Racing RedHex color:#cf0000
RGB:207 0 0
CMYK:0 100 100 19
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Neon SilverHex color:#c4c8cd
RGB:196 200 205
CMYK:4 2 0 20
Pantone:PMS 428 C
US Air Force Academy BlueHex color:#004e96
RGB:0 78 150
CMYK:100 48 0 41
Pantone:PMS 2945 C