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The natural ingredients from which beer is brewed are reflected in the emblem. The Carlsberg logo foams like a drink in a glass. The sign hints that the brand should be served chilled, then the unique bouquet and invigorating taste are revealed.

Carlsberg: Brand overview

Founder:J. C. Jacobsen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Carlsberg is the flagship brand of the Carlsberg Group Corporation. It appeared in 1904: it was then that the original lager was brewed for the first time in a Danish factory. The creator of the drink is Carl Jacobsen.

Meaning and History

Carlsberg Logo History

It can be said that the iconic Carlsberg logo has not changed since the launch of this brand. The original emblem, which Danish national ornamental artist Thorvald Bindesboll had a hand in, first appeared in 1904 when brewer Carl Christian Hillman Jacobsen brewed a beer called Carlsberg Pilsner. An update of the visual identity accompanied the introduction of the new brand. This is where Bindesboll came to the rescue, designing a graphic art nouveau sign. The elegant inscription, over time, has become a symbol of the entire Carlsberg Group and not just its flagship brand.

What is Carlsberg?

It is the flagship brand of the Danish company of the same name Carlsberg Group. This brand sells beer with an alcohol content of 5%.

1931 – 1971

Carlsberg Logo 1931

In 1931, the Carlsberg brand, which had existed since 1904, acquired the nickname Hof, but this was not reflected in the logo: it still contained the official name of the beer. The inscription was made in an individual font in the Art Nouveau style. Its creator, Thorvald Bindesboll, depicted the “C” in the shape of a sickle and complemented the “g” with a long flowing ribbon pointing to the left. The word was black and was on a light background.

1971 – 2018

Carlsberg Logo 1971

In 1971, the letters became clearer and more even, but this did not affect the overall concept of the font. Above the “r” was an icon in the form of a stylized leaf of hops, divided into three identical segments, like a shamrock. Black was replaced with Carlsberg’s signature dark green.

2018 – today

Carlsberg Logo 2018-present

The 2018 redesign brought minor changes to the Carlsberg logo. First of all, it was reflected in the color scheme because the inscription acquired a turquoise hue. In addition, the shape of some glyphs has been redesigned. Now the letter gaps are widened, the bend at the end of the first “r” looks like a spiral, the connection between adjacent “e” and “r” runs exactly along the bottom of the “e” loop, and the “s” has become thinner and more elegant.

Carlsberg: Interesting Facts

Carlsberg has a deep history dating back to 1847 when J.C. Jacobsen founded it. His son, Carl, made a big mark on the company and beyond, starting with brewing the original Carlsberg lager in 1904.

  1. Early Days: Carl’s dad started Carlsberg in 1847. The year 1904 was special because Carl brewed Carlsberg’s famous lager. It was a family business with a long tradition.
  2. Carl’s Impact: Carl wasn’t just following in his dad’s footsteps. He loved brewing and supported science, art, and culture, making Carlsberg more than just a beer company.
  3. Carlsberg Foundation: J.C. and Carl played big roles in this foundation, which greatly helped science. It’s behind the Carlsberg Lab, where scientists made big discoveries in beer-making.
  4. Yeast Breakthrough: In 1883, scientists at Carlsberg figured out how to isolate a yeast that made brewing better and more reliable. This yeast is still used worldwide.
  5. Supporting the Arts: Carl loved art. He set up the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen, an art museum named after his brewery, showcasing his passion for art and history.
  6. Elephant Gate: The Elephant Gate is a famous part of the Carlsberg brewery, showing Carl’s love for art. It has four stone elephants and mixes art with the brewery’s work.
  7. Going Global: Thanks to J.C. and Carl, Carlsberg became known worldwide. It’s a global brand now, enjoyed by many.
  8. Quality First: Carl’s motto, “Semper Ardens” or “Always Burning,” shows his commitment to making the best beer. That drive for excellence is still part of Carlsberg.
  9. Innovating: Carlsberg keeps developing new ideas, especially eco-friendly ones, like their Green Fibre Bottle project.
  10. More Than Beer: Carlsberg is about beer and giving back to science, art, and community. It’s a unique brand with a rich history that includes much more than just making beer.

Carlsberg’s rise from a local brewery to a world-famous brand shows the vision and values of its founders, especially Carl Jacobsen. His legacy is in every Carlsberg beer we enjoy today.

Font and Colors

Carlsberg Emblem

The inscription on the iconic logo is non-standard: some letters are connected, while others stand separately. “C” looks like a large sickle. A wide line extends from “g” to the left, similar to a waving ribbon.

The hop leaf is hand-drawn with thin lines. The branding symbol is inspired by the historical heritage of the brand and old labels on beer bottles. After the redesign, it was moved closer to the middle of the “r,” making the logo more symmetrical.

Carlsberg Symbol

The trademark is presented in two basic colors: white and green. There are also seven secondary shades. These include pink, red-brown, light blue, blue, yellow, light green, and khaki. They are used depending on the background.


What does the Carlsberg symbol mean?

The brand, founded in 1847 by J.C. Jacobsen, used a logo in the 19th century featuring a Swastika symbol. At that time, the Swastika was a popular symbol representing good luck, prosperity, and well-being. Carlsberg included it in its logo for these positive meanings.

The Swastika was common in various cultures and did not have political or negative implications then. It was a symbol of positivity used by many brands.

The brand has since updated its logo, removing the Swastika and focusing on other elements. Today, the logo is known for its green color, elegant script, and iconic crown symbol, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence in brewing.

What font is the Carlsberg logo?

The logo uses a custom font called Carlsberg Slab. This two-weight slab serif typeface was developed specifically for the Danish brewer. The company wanted a unique and distinctive font to represent its brand, known for making “probably the best beer in the world.”

Designed by Kontrapunkt, a design agency in Copenhagen, Carlsberg Slab. The slab serif style adds a touch of tradition and strength, fitting well with the brand’s identity.

This custom font helps create a strong visual uniqueness for the brand. It ensures the logo is easily recognizable and stands out in the competitive beer market.

Who designed the Carlsberg logo?

The logo, designed by Danish architect Thorvald Bindesbøll and introduced in 1904, features two primary colors: Carlsberg green and white. These colors strengthen the brand’s visual uniqueness and make the logo easily recognizable. Green represents freshness and quality, while white adds clarity and simplicity.

Thorvald Bindesbøll’s design has left a lasting impact, giving the brand a distinctive and timeless look. The logo’s elegance and simplicity continue to represent the brand’s values and reputation for excellence in brewing.

What is the Carlsberg slogan?

The company slogan, adopted in 1973, has long been “Probably the best beer in the world.” This iconic phrase highlighted the brand’s confidence in beer and created a memorable tagline.

In 2019, the brand launched a self-deprecating ad campaign, changing the slogan to “Probably not the best beer in the world.” This campaign acknowledged customer feedback and showed the brand’s commitment to improving its product. The new slogan demonstrated humor and transparency, aiming to rebuild consumer trust.

What is the Carlsberg logo?

The logo features elegant green lettering that spells out “Carlsberg.” Each letter is uniquely designed. A long, wavy line extends from the letter ‘g’ to the left, adding movement.

Above the letter ‘r’ is an abstract symbol resembling a snowflake or a tree leaf. This symbol reflects nature and craftsmanship, aligning with the brand’s heritage.

The green color represents freshness and quality. The unique design elements highlight the brand’s commitment to tradition and excellence in brewing.

Who owns Carlsberg Group?

The Carlsberg Group is partly owned by the Carlsberg Foundation, which holds a significant portion of the company’s shares and plays a key role in its governance and direction. Individual shareholders own the rest of the assets.

J.C. Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg, established the Carlsberg Foundation. Its goal is to support scientific research, art, culture, and social development. The Foundation ensures that the company’s profits contribute to these causes, aligning with Jacobsen’s vision of combining business success with social responsibility. Individual shareholders hold the remaining shares and invest in the company’s financial performance.

Who owns Carlsberg UK?

In 2020, Carlsberg UK merged with Marston’s to form the Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company. Marston’s owns 40% of the assets, while the Carlsberg Group owns 60%.

This merger combined brand global reach and brewing expertise with Marston’s strong presence in the UK market and extensive pub network. The Carlsberg Group, holding the majority stake, provides direction and resources. Marston’s contributes local knowledge and established distribution channels.